LITSLINK provides top mobile app development services. Our software engineers are ready to create high-quality and functional solutions. For those companies that keep an eye on high technologies, we are developing mobile applications based on Flutter. The framework contains everything needed to create engaging user interfaces, where you can build layouts, and add interactivity or animation.  Flutter is comparable to game engines such as Unity or Unreal, but unlike them, the framework builds apps, not games. It also has a new architecture, which includes widgets that look and feel good and are fast, customizable, and extensible.

Flutter Technologies

The benefits of Flutter services

Flutter has many advantages that you can easily use to your benefit:

  • Supported by VS Code, Android Studio, and IntelliJ IDEA.
  • It offers a useful tool for system error inspection called “Flutter doctor.”
  •  Flutter renderer uses an open-source graphics engine that is easy to use on different devices.
  • Flutter apps are compiled to native machine (ARM) code on both iOS and Android.
  • Flutter avoids the need for compatibility libraries.
  • It gives you complete control over what your app looks like.
  • Apps based on Flutter look different on iOS and Android, and the Flutter widgets can adapt to the  design guidelines for each platform.
  •  Flutter apps require less testing so that you can deliver new features for your app more quickly.

Why LITSLINK should become your primary provider of Flutter development services:

  1. Experienced team of software professionals

Our dedicated team of mobile application software engineers and designers implements the latest technologies and tools to create the most reliable, fast loading, and high-quality mobile applications to meet your particular needs and requirements.

  2. Flexible Flutter app options

LITSLINK professionals have first-hand experience in using Flutter, which is not just a framework; but a complete SDK for building apps that interact using a screen.Our team of skilled software engineers will make your Flutter mobile app a reality. We are knowledgeable and are able to deliver products timely, meeting your technical requirements.

  3. 10 Years in the Industry

Another reason LITSLINK stands out as your best partner is that we have been providing Flutter services since 2017, and the first release of the framework was in May 2017. Since then, we have delivered a number of worthwhile Flutter projects for customers all over the world (including the USA, the UK, Germany, and other countries)

   4. Better development tools

At LITSLINK, our experts are equipped with the latest technologies that give them an innovative advantage and improved quality. They are aware of all the pros and cons of using Flutter in your project and can provide you with practical recommendations.

   5. Timely delivery

At LITSLINK, we take deadlines seriously. In our desire to give you the best, we balance urgency and high quality, so we never deliver subpar work. You can count on us to keep our word on this.

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