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Mobile application for optimizing recruitment processes.

What is?

SwithchIn is an application supported by iOS and Android, which is intended to reorganize the old-fashioned recruitment process. The app is perfect for both the employer and the candidate. For instance, the applicant can easily create a profile by indicating his or her strengths, experience and qualifications, and the employer can choose the right fit for their business. The product equips users with a variety of other features like filtering companies by their location, type of job, and industry, and a well-developed rating system— upon the end of an interview, the candidate and the employer have an opportunity to rate each other.


Sweden has one of the highest level of social protection, and many people who are out of work receive unemployment benefits. To get those benefits, the unemployed are obliged to apply for a particular number of positions every month. They comply with obligation by applying for various jobs indiscriminately. These rules complicate the life of small business owners, who do not have recruiters and waste too much time on screening multiple CVs to find those who are indeed interested in their company.


The client got in touch with LITSLINK to solve the problem of optimizing recruitment processes. SwitchIn wanted to resolve two major tasks:

  1. To simplify the process of candidate screening. The Tinder-like feature helps the employer to find the candidate by swiping left or right.
  2. To implement the relevancy rating. When a candidate applies for an irrelevant position, they receive a low rating. This ensures that the owner of the company doesn’t lose valuable time on screening the candidates with irrelevant experience. The more the candidate applies for the relevant position, the better his or her chances to find the right job are.


SwitchIn is a true disruptor of old-fashioned recruitment. The application is actively helping employers and candidates to find the right fit.

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