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AWS Development Services

Find an innovative way to lead the IT competition with AWS, aka Amazon Web Services. Being the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, the tool offers 200+ fully-featured services to boost up your project. Lower costs and innovate faster with AWS!

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AWS cloud computing, cloud migration and development services by LITSLINK

Advantages of Using AWS in Your Project

Most Functionality

As a cloud provider, AWS has many services and even more features within these services. From databases, storage, and computing technologies to ML, AI, IoT, data lakes, and analytics, AWS allows moving your app to the cloud and creating anything you want.. It’s fast, easy, and cost-effective.

Most Functionality

Large Community

Numbers of customers and partners globally make the AWS community one of the most extensive and dynamic. Whatever idea you have in mind, this powerful platform is going to breathe life into it. And it doesn't matter what industry you are in and how big your business is.

Large Community

Exceptional Security

AWS is known to be one of the most secure cloud computing environments. It’s managed to achieve that with numerous security tools. Thus, global banks, the military, and other sensitive organizations prefer AWS as a cloud platform. No more worries about the security of data.

Exceptional Security

Solid Operational Expertise

You can rely on AWS when building crucial applications.
Mature, experienced, reliable, secure — AWS is a solid platform Building an application with this platform, you can be sure it’ll demonstrate unparalleled performance.

Solid Operational Expertise

Ensuring your app’s success starts with choosing the right tools!

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Ace Team

A team of skilled tech professionals is ready to help you with any project. No matter how complex it is, we know full well how to deal with it. To be able to provide our clients with high-quality AWS services, we constantly learn and keep an eye on the latest trends.

Valid Expertise

Working with multiple industries and companies of different types and sizes, we’ve learned how to make one-of-a-kind products within a short time and budget. Whether you need an app or any other software product, just pass it to our hands, and we’ll turn it into a real masterpiece.

US-Based Company

Having main offices in the US and some R&D offices in Eastern Europe, LITSLINK ensures its global presence. It makes us closer to our clients. So when you need us, we’re always a few hour’s flight from your destination. You can come over to our offices as well whenever you want.

Flexible Hiring

We respect our clients’ desires especially when it comes to choosing hiring options. Whether you need a fixed price or T&M, we can discuss it and pick the best option for you to succeed. We’ll discuss all options to find out the best solution that meet your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the basic components of AWS?

AWS, as an evolving cloud computing platform, has many components. Let’s look at the basic ones to understand the platform’s capabilities:
• Amazon Cluster — the Amazon account

• Storage — storage services from Amazon such as S3, EBS, and CloudFront
• Databases — caching, data storage, and the NoSQL
• Application services — SQS (simple queue service) that automate the workflow between different services
• Mobile services — Amazon Cognito and Mobile Analytics

2. Can I estimate the pricing of AWS services?

Of course! Use our cost calculator to find out the approximate cost. First, mull over your future AWS project details and then answer some questions related to it. While taking the quiz, you’ll know not only the price but more about the industry and the peculiarities of building an app.

3. Why should I choose AWS?

Choosing AWS, you choose a secure cloud platform, ensuring computing power, database storage, and other functionalities to level up your business.

4. What can I do with AWS?

First things first, with this platform, you can run web and app services in the cloud to host websites.

Using PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle to store information, you don’t have to worry about your files. AWS securely stores them and allows you to access them from anywhere. Besides, in case you need to deliver static and dynamic files quickly to any point of the world, AWS is what you need. As you see, we need such a potent instrument as AWS for different purposes.

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