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Objective-C Development Services

Objective-C is one of the core languages to build sophisticated apps for iOS and OS X. This object-oriented language is based on the concept of data and code rather than logic and functions. Whether you want to build a food delivery app or disrupt your industry with a business communication platform, LITSLINK is ready to provide you with high-quality Objective-C development services.

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Objective-C Development Services

Advantages of Using Objective-C for Your Project

Time-Tested Language

Objective-C was created in the 1980s so lots of typical bugs have been fixed long ago. That’s why, when developing an app with Objective-C, engineers won’t face any incomprehensible issues and will deliver bug-free and highly customizable solutions faster.

Time-Tested Language

Compatibility with C and C++ Libraries

C++ is one of the most reliable programming languages for developing complex software. Objective-C is easily compatible with numerous C and C++ libraries, making this language an amazing choice for developing secure and maintainable apps.

Compatibility with C and C++ Libraries

Easy Usage of Private APIs

With private APIs, you can speed up the development process, build customer-facing solutions, and save the resources required for the integration of internal IT systems. When such a custom solution is needed, it’s easy to get Objective-C connected with the private APIs.

Easy Usage of Private APIs

Popular and Stable Language

This stable and well-tested programming language is extremely popular among developers worldwide. Thanks to its active community, extended data types, and numerous libraries, it’s much easier to fix any errors and enrich your app with advanced features.

Popular and Stable Language

Objective-C Development Services We Provide

Custom Objective-C Development

Our ingenious team of Objective-C developers will turn your app requirements into a feature-rich and intuitive product. Our team will adapt custom OS X software and iOS app requirements to suit your business type and goals. We will provide you with a short development cycle, testing, support and maintenance services, and user-friendly UI/UX design.

Custom Objective-C Development

Custom iOS Apps & OS X Software

Conquer the market with niche-specific iOS apps and OS X software. Our Objective-C engineers specialize in software deployment for numerous industries, from real estate and healthcare to game development and e-commerce. We have extensive expertise in building custom iOS apps and OS X software that work smoothly on Apple devices.

Custom iOS Apps & OS X Software

Web App Development

Whether you are going to build a solution from scratch or want to strengthen your existing product, our tech talents will provide you with top-notch web app development services. Our team builds web apps of any complexity and provides clients with on-time delivery.

Web App Development


Transparent Communication

Our open-door policy enables you to stay aware of all the project’s updates and changes. Our seasoned project managers will guide you through the entire development process, from idea generation to market testing.

Dozens of Happy Customers

From ambitious startups to large-scale enterprises, LITSLINK helps businesses meet their goals with scalable and user-friendly products. With our exceptional services, you will get a sophisticated app that will disrupt your industry.

Headquartered in the US

With offices in Palo Alto and Orlando, we stay close to our clients and provide both IT outsourcing and outstaffing services. LITSLINK also has R&D centers in Eastern Europe, making it much easier to collaborate with clients regardless of their location.

Vast Pool of Tech Talents

Whether you require a single Objective-C developer or a dedicated team of specialists for your project, our 300+ tech experts will provide you with high-quality services. You can rely on our experienced engineers to get top-notch Objective-C development services.

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Tech Stack


  • AppCode
  • Xcode

Dependency Management

  • Cocoapods

UI Framework

  • UIKit

Hire an Ingenious Team of Objective-C Developers!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the development process look like?

We start our cooperation with a discovery call to analyze your idea and estimate the project complexity. During this phase, we analyze your niche and goals, estimate the budget and the timeline for your project, and choose a tech stack.

Then, our experienced Objective-C developers start working on your project. The development process is split into several sprints so that you can manage your project more efficiently. At the end of each milestone, we provide you with a demo so you can track progress and make changes.

Once your solution is ready and tested, we make it available to users. You can count on our continuous support and maintenance so if you need to scale your product or want to enrich it with advanced features, we are here to help!

2. How will I communicate with my development team?

You can supervise the entire development process or let our seasoned project managers handle it for you. We will keep you up to date with any changes and schedule regular calls with a team so that you can monitor progress, get detailed reports and demos, and share your feedback with us.

3. What apps can I build with Objective-C?

Our team of experienced Objective-C developers can create an extensive range of solutions of any complexity to suit your business needs. Whether you want to develop an iOS game with realistic physics and live multiplayer or a real estate app to search properties for your users, Objective-C is the perfect choice for your project.

With its high level of code readability, usage of private APIs, and compatibility with C/C++ code and the latest versions of XCode, it’s possible to speed up the development time and provide your audience with an innovative and user-friendly product.

4. How much does it cost to build an Objective-C app?

The cost of an Objective-C solution depends on multiple factors, from app design and functionality to updates and maintenance services. We provide clients with an accurate estimation after a discovery call but if you require the approximate cost right away, you can use our calculator.

You have to answer several multiple-choice questions (your industry, platforms to build an app, type of interaction, etc.), share your contacts, and get a free quote in no time!

Build Innovative Solutions With
Objective-C Development Services!

If you have any questions or just require more info about LITSLINK, we are here to help. Reach out to us to take your business to the next level!

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