Social Network for People with Similar Health Interests

What is?

Healthread is a social network where people with the same health interests can look for counterparts to share their health stories and find support, understanding, new friends, or even start a new way of life.


The client contacted LITSLINK, a mobile development company from the USA, with the idea of connecting people with the same health conditions. This way, they could share their personal experiences and find assistance and empathy in others. Having an inclusive app means it must be ADA compliant so that everyone with disabilities can access and use the application.



To meet ADA Compliance, we had to fulfill a wide range of requirements regarding visual, auditory, and kinesthetic perception so that everyone could tailor the application according to his or her needs.

Taking ADA compliance into account, at the business analysis stage, we created a sophisticated design and necessary features of the application for its mobile and web versions. Then, we proceeded to the development of the application where we created:

Mobile app for the User (iOS and Android cross-platform mobile app)
Web app for the User (for PC)
Web admin panel for the Admin (for the internal usage for PC)
Landing page (mobile-optimized web application)

We also included a lot of core features:

• Registration and SMS verification
• Onboarding flow (user interests, age, gender, location, etc.)
• Tutorials
• Home feed to see the user’s friends news, updates, articles, posts, etc. • Like, comment, share, and bookmark functionality
• Search for people with the same health interests, connecting, and adding them to your friend list
• One-to-one messaging: direct messaging with friends both text and image
• Public group chats for people with shared interests
• User profile and settings
• Switching to the PRO version of the user’s profile
• Event-based notifications
• Push notifications (mobile app only)
• FAQ section
• Possibility to contact the Healthread support service


Healthread is just gaining its momentum. But with the revolutionary and social-important idea behind the app, it is likely to win immense popularity with people, which will also have a positive and considerable impact on many lives.

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