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06 Jun, 2024

A Glimpse at Apple’s Vision Pro VR/AR Headset: Specs, Innovations, Release Date and More

Apple Vision Pro is a revolutionary new technology that was introduced at the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 5, 2023. Even though there are already plenty of analogies in the market, such as Google Glass Enterprise 2 or Microsoft HoloLens 2, Apple AR headset is a completely new level of innovation. 

As the developers announced, the technology is going to serve as a face-worn computer that will deliver a combination of VR and AR experiences. Except for a range of new features that we describe below, this development will be integrated with the entire Apple ecosystem.

Sounds spectacular, doesn’t it? But when to expect the launch of this cutting-edge technology, how is it going to work, and how will it enhance our appreciation of virtual reality? Keep reading the article to discover all the freshest news.

Specs of Apple VR/AR Headset Specs of Apple VR/AR Headset

Even though the technology was first announced years ago, the full list of its features was shared quite recently. And there are some specs that we definitely need to be looking for. The LITSLINK team has collected the list of the most promising ones and highlighted them below.


The Apple VR/AR headset is promised to become a wearable technology. It won’t be rather bulky, this way allowing customers to use it on an everyday basis. Thanks to applying VR technology stacks, people will see virtual and augmented reality inside a visor, obscuring or enhancing the real world.

  • The enclosure will consist of a curved aluminum alloy frame that wraps around the face, accompanied by a single piece of laminated glass formed in a three-dimensional shape.
  • The Light Seal is designed to flex gently and conform to the contours of the face, ensuring a precise fit and effectively blocking any unwanted light.
  • The Headband offers cushioning, breathability and elasticity. It incorporates a Fit Dial, allowing you to adjust the Vision Pro to anyone’s head with great precision.
  • Spatial Audio is delivered through speakers placed near your ears, providing immersive and high-quality audio while maintaining awareness of your surroundings.
  • The optical components of cameras and sensors that observe the world are housed within a single three-dimensionally shaped piece of laminated glass.

Working as actual glasses

What can make Apple’s development the best AR headset is the attention to detail. The company has thought about the needs of different groups of consumers and included a potential for their technology to work like regular glasses. 

The company has announced custom optical inserts provided for an additional price. Users will be able to magnetically attach them to the lenses and take advantage of all the Vision Pro features.


The company stated that the technology will have a heads-up display, gesture recognition, eye tracking and plenty of VR and AR apps. Only based on this data, we can conclude that the Apple headset will require a powerful battery. As the company states, their external battery will support up to 2 hours of use, and all‑day use when plugged in.

Privacy and security

Apple always cares about privacy and their AR/VR headset won’t be an exception. The development will be based on existing security features, while also applying new technologies like Optic ID, an authentication system that uses the uniqueness of a person’s iris.

What’s more, Vision Pro will have sensors like LiDAR on the frame intended for spatial computing so users can be aware of the environment without infringing on the privacy of other people.


Apple’s upcoming AR/VR headset is going to enhance the way we use apps. Vision Pro will let customers organize applications wherever they want and scale them to the necessary size, while also staying connected to reality. Moreover, apps will be able to react to the lighting in the room and even cast shadows.

The company promises to provide all the most popular applications and tools, such as Safari, Notes, Messages, and even Disney+ with a premium subscription.

Spatial experiences

The Apple AR/VR headset will be a perfect technology for gamers and people who are fans of movies. The development has a custom micro‑OLED display system featuring 23 million pixels, which is more than in a 4K TV. Additionally, a specially designed three‑element lens, inserted into Apple Vision Pro, creates the feeling of a display that’s everywhere. Speaking about a spatial audio system, this AR headset from Apple will be able to analyze the room’s acoustic properties to adapt the sound to the space.

3D camera   

What also makes Vision Pro the best AR/VR headset is its camera, which allows for capturing photos and videos in 3D. When watching them again, users will be able to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the scene. This will work especially well with panoramas that wrap around and provide a remarkable experience of virtual reality. Additionally, Apple promises to provide a selection of breathtaking landscapes for users to transform their environments.


What is really impressive about this mixed-reality headset is that it is built on Apple’s first spatial operating system. VisionOS is created on the foundation of macOS, iOS and iPadOS to let you control your Vision Pro device with the help of your eyes, hands and voice.

How Do Vision Pro AR Headsets Work?How Do Vision Pro AR Headsets Work?

The Apple headset is created to offer an immersive experience while also keeping you connected to reality. The technology will be controller-free and allow you to choose the necessary apps and manage everything on the holographic display by simply looking at the necessary items. This will work thanks to an eye-tracking system that projects invisible light patterns onto each eye and provides ultraprecise input without a need for any controllers. Additionally, the AR/VR headset can be controlled with the movements of your hands and voice commands.

The development is going to support Bluetooth accessories as well as provide the ability to connect to other Apple devices. For instance, when talking to people through FaceTime, you’ll be able to use spatial audio and arrange participants around the room. What’s more, Apple states that users will be able to watch TV or play video games with the headset.

Speaking about ARKit, the company will allow users to attach AR objects to real locations thanks to map data or real-time capturing. Technologies provide opportunities for face and hand tracking. Even more, developers have implemented downward-facing cameras to Apple’s AR headset to allow capturing hands almost in any position. It enables real-time translation of sign language or connecting augmented reality items to a person, such as in a laser tag-like game.

What’s more, the Apple VR/AR headset will be able to create a hyperrealistic avatar after your face scanning. The HUD will display your eyes if you use the device for real-world interactions and hide them once you’re in full VR, showing that you’re not available. However, if someone approaches, the technology will let you see the person immediately.

Details of Apple AR Headset ReleaseApple AR Headset Release

After Apple’s rumored announce of their game-changer AR headset, we’ve discovered some new details of future sales. These are the most important facts below.

  • There is no clear Apple AR headset release date. However, it will probably happen at the beginning of 2024.
  • Sales will start in the US and continue in other countries.
  • The price of the headset will be $3,499 in the US, but there’s no information on whether it will be pricier in other countries.

Wrapping Up

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to buy the headset or not; every technology fan is waiting for the Vision Pro release. This Apple AR/VR headset proves once again that the future is here. And we at LITSLINK are looking forward to experiencing and analyzing its features, as well as adopting new approaches connected with mixed reality to our work.

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