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Custom GPTs: What Are They and How Do I Use Them?

custom gptThe recent update to OpenAI’s GPT-4 model to Turbo came with plenty of new additions—for example, the ability to train custom ChatGPT models specifically for your tasks.

Custom GPTs are redefining what’s possible with ChatGPT. Now, they can be trained for specific purposes, from personal use and entertainment to productivity enhancement for massive enterprises. 

In this article, we’ll explore how you can create your own GPT variation and provide you with use cases.

What Are Custom GPTs?

Custom GPTs are personalized versions of the ChatGPT model created to cater to specific needs or tasks. They allow individuals or businesses to tailor ChatGPT’s capabilities, knowledge, and functions to serve particular purposes, making it more efficient and effective in addressing specific requirements.

Here’s a breakdown of the advantages custom GPTs bring:

  • Personalization. Users can modify a GPT to suit their needs better. For instance, it can be trained with specific knowledge, instructions, or data relevant to a particular task or industry.
  • Task-specific capabilities. Custom GPTs can be designed to perform distinct tasks, such as providing information, generating content, answering queries, performing data analysis, or executing particular actions based on predefined instructions. This saves time by eliminating the need to give specific instructions before doing meaningful tasks.
  • Ease of creation. Creating a custom GPT doesn’t require coding skills. Users can define the GPT’s behavior, knowledge, and functionalities through a conversational interface without delving into programming.
  • Versatility. Depending on the creator’s preferences, GPTs can be tailored for personal use, internal company use, or even shared publicly with a broader audience.
  • Community building. OpenAI encourages community involvement in developing GPTs, believing that the most innovative versions will come from diverse contributors such as educators, developers, or anyone with domain-specific expertise.
  • Privacy and safety controls. Users maintain control over their data. Chats with custom GPTs are not shared with creators. OpenAI implements measures to review and ensure the safety of these customized models.

Overall, custom GPTs offer a flexible and adaptable way to leverage AI for specific tasks or domains without extensive technical expertise, allowing for a more tailored and efficient AI experience.

Creation Process of a Custom Chat GPTcustom chat gpt

Now that you know why, it’s time to learn how to build your custom GPT chatbot:

  1. Access OpenAI’s interface. Go to to access the interface for building custom GPTs.
  2. Initiate conversation. Start a conversation with the interface. You’ll interact with a simplified version of the GPT that will guide you through the creation process.
  3. Provide instructions and knowledge. Engage in a conversation with the interface to provide instructions, information, or specific knowledge you want the GPT to have. This could include examples, details about the task or domain, or any specialized data relevant to your needs.
  4. Define functionalities. Choose and define the functionalities you want your custom GPT to perform. This could involve web searches, content generation, data analysis, or executing specific actions based on your provided instructions.
  5. Review and test. Once you’ve filled your bot with info, review the GPT’s behavior. Test its responses to ensure they align with your expectations and perform the intended tasks correctly.
  6. Save and deploy. Once you’re satisfied with its performance, save your custom GPT.

As you see, the process is user-friendly and doesn’t require any coding expertise. If you encounter any challenges or need clarification during the process, the interface often provides guidance and support along the way.

Personal Use Cases of Custom GPT Models

We’ve gone over the procedure of training your own GPT. Now, let’s see it in practice!

To help you draw inspiration, here are some examples of custom GPTs people have already trained. All GPTs are taken from the custom GPTs leaderboard based on their number of views.

We will divide use cases between personal and business use. However, this is purely for convenience and does not mean the GPTs have no use in the business sphere and vice versa. This part is dedicated to ChatGPT’s custom training for personal use.


Have you ever wanted to learn a new skill but didn’t know where to begin? Do you think you plateaued and require help to grow? There are plenty of great GPTs for that. For example, Creative Writing Coach can help you improve your penmanship skills.

Are you interested in something more precise? No worries, there are already ChatGPTs with custom data for that. For example, Math Mentor can help you with anything numbers-related.

And if you are looking for something more general, Mr. Ranadeer offers tutorship on a wide spectrum of topics. It also creates learning programs like a real teacher and comprehensively answers all questions.

But there are plenty of avenues for great ideas. We still need more high-quality learning GPTs for subjects like physics, languages, economics, law, arts, and more.


Toying with ChatGPT was a big deal when it first became widely known, and still is for many users. But you can use it for much more than just laughing at a machine being a machine.

For example, you can learn a new board game with Game Time. The GPT will explain the rules of many popular and unique games available on the market. You can ask it for general advice on playing Exploding Kittens or specific tips for min-maxing your D&D character.

But unlike board games, which aren’t for everyone, everybody loves memes. However, not everyone understands them, especially memes from different subgroups. If you’re not part of the gaming culture, chances are you’re clueless about Five Nights at Freddy’s. Thankfully, genz 4 meme can explain what it is and why you should (or shouldn’t) care.

We need more GPTs made for pure dumb fun. There is a terrible lack of cheese pun GPTs, and we urge you to remedy this.


Surprisingly, you can create your own GPT model that will craft and send you things. Sticker Whiz, for example, can design, print, and send stickers to your door. Isn’t that wild? Alternatively, you could create a bot that will make 3D-printing models and ship them to you. 

There aren’t many GPTs capable of giving you something physical, but a future where a chatbot could do your shopping for you doesn’t seem that far off. The possibilities are endless!

Information Search

Many people have taken to using ChatGPT instead of Google and for a good reason. While it cannot access the latest information, it is much better at summarizing and presenting information.

A tool like ResearchGPT can help you look for academically vetted information while providing sources. This can significantly speed up your paper writing or fact-checking endeavors.

Custom ChatGPT for Businessgpt custom model

Many enterprises are already exploring business applications of custom GPT models, and you would be remiss if you ignored these possibilities. ChatGPT’s API can be connected to your database to solve specific company problems. Here are just a few things you can do.

Image Generation

Instead of accessing DALL·E via Discord or a special API, you can now do so via ChatGPT’s interface. Use it to craft promotional images for your ad campaigns or a quick storyboard to progress to a different phase in your animation creation process. 

We’ve discussed using image-gen AI at great lengths before; custom GPTs only make the process easier and more comfortable.  

With the introduction of Canva’s own custom GPT, things go a step further. It basically allows you to do everything Canva does without needing strong language and artistic skills. 

Data Analysis

Knowledge is power, but having too much knowledge can be a curse rather than a blessing if you don’t have the human resources to process it quickly.

Luckily, Data Analysis can help you quickly go through massive data sets and even help you visualize the data. Alternatively, you can go with Ai PDF, which holds the crown as the best AI tool for processing PDFs. It can quickly read and summarize thousands of documents in a blink of an eye.


If you’ve heard of prompt engineering, you’ve heard of No Code. But have you heard of prompt-gramming? Grimoire is a new natural language understanding programming tool for just that. Tell it what website you need, and this model will spit it out to you.

Alternatively, you can use DesignerGPT to cobble up and immediately host your website. Again, artificial intelligence is going completely off the rails with its capabilities.

You can build your own ChatGPT version to help you streamline other development processes, like cloud migration, CI/CD implementation, testing, or anything else.


Most businesses hinge on effective communication, so learning how to communicate your point is vital. If talking is not your strong suit, you can use The Negotiator to help you achieve the best results from your written and verbal communication.

A customized ChatGPT chatbot on your website can be used to better explain your product’s intricacies to your clients.


Custom GPTs are the next frontier in AI, transforming ChatGPT into your personal genie, tailored to your whims and needs. These GPTs redefine what’s possible, crafted with your intentions in mind, whether for your daily chores or serious business.

It requires no coding skills, making it available to a broader audience. While you can create your own ChatGPT already, sharing it is still a hassle that should be remedied soon. OpenAI promised it at the end of November, but it might take a bit longer because of some drama. Fingers crossed for the GPT Shop to drop before the New Year!

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