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20 Jan, 2023

How to Make a Hit Dating App Like Tinder?

We have come a long way from radio to the Internet, but technical progress is moving much faster today. World is so rushed that we barely find time for anything, especially when it comes to meeting new people and establishing valuable connections. This is why dating apps are so popular today. People want to see new faces.

Date applications that meet user requirements generate extremely high revenue. In just three months (from April to July 2019), Tinder’s revenue was almost $500 million. Understandably, many entrepreneurs are trying to penetrate the market of online dating. This article is aimed to give a quick overlook of how to create a dating app.

What’s a Dating App?

Dating apps are platforms where people can find a potential partner with just a few swipes or button presses. The most famous example is Tinder. However, there are many alternatives, and if you are interested in how to create a similar dating app – keep reading! There is a lot to learn.

What Do Consumers Expect from Dating Apps?

Countless startup founders want to know how to make a dating app like Tinder (or ideally even better). They often get too bogged down in the details and lose track of the end goal. Similar to other apps, the first step is to consider what the user wants. The app should be intuitive, accessible and easy to use. Moreover, cyber security is what users want when they are dating online. Ensuring user safety and data protection should be your top priorities.

What are the Key Features for an App Like Tinder?

Tinder gained widespread popularity in 2012 and quickly became a worldwide sensation. It has helped all kinds of people find love. If you want your application to be just as good as the Tinder, you should consider the following features.

Basic Functionality

Simple Login

The app should launch with a simple sign-in process. Users create a profile with their mobile number or their Facebook account. This is secure and easy!

User Profile

Users should be able to add their photos and publish short bios. They typically want to mention their preferences and interests on their profiles.


The Tinder platform connects people based on geographic location within a specified radius. The app uses location services to keep track of users’ whereabouts and link new profiles as their location changes. It would be smart to add this function to your prospective application. Users mostly want to meet partners locally.

Swipe & Matchmaking

After visitors log into Tinder, they are shown other profiles. They decide whether to speak with a person by ‘swiping’. It’s simple: swipe right if you’re interested, or left to discard the profile. This works anonymously. If the profiles you swiped right on did the same with your profile, it’s a match! If you are creating a Tinder-style app, this is core functionality.


If a match is found, a dialogue box will pop up so the two parties can have a private conversation. Your app should have a user-friendly chat interface with all the functionality of a modern messenger.

Paid Features

Paid features can allow users to gain a competitive advantage. Sometimes they simply give them a better experience, with more functionality.

No Ads Mode

Advertisements can be annoying, but they are a part of most media. Even Tinder has them. Some users are happy to pay a premium for an ad-free experience.


Tinder’s ‘boost’ function highlights a profile and makes it more visible to other users. Those who want to meet more people might be inclined to use it.

Unlimited Right Swipes

In the free version of Tinder, for example, users are given a restricted number of swipes per day, while people who have opted for a paid package can enjoy unlimited swipes, allowing them to make more connections.

Super Like

In the free version of Tinder, you can ‘super like’ someone once per day. This means that you don’t have to wait until the user comes across your profile and swipes right on you; they can see that you liked them and are prompted to respond right away. The paid version of the app offers five ‘super likes’.

“Likes You”

This function allows a user to see who has already swiped right on their profile. This feature is only available to Gold subscribers. These users report that it really saves time and effort while looking for interesting profiles.

Tinder like app development - Key Features | LITSLINK Blog

How Do Dating Apps Make Money?

Dating app development can be lucrative if the product successfully links people. You can apply different strategies for generating profit.

Subscriptions (Freemium Model)

Basic versions of dating apps are generally free of charge, but users can pay for access to additional features if they want. Consider Tinder’s paid features discussed above. Try to come up with your own original premium features to stand out on the saturated market. What would you pay more for? For example, an app like Tinder may offer subscriptions that give users the option to go back and make corrections if they swiped left on someone by mistake.

Subscriptions can come at different levels. They can be offered on a timed basis (for example, monthly plans) or permanently.


Advertisements are always a good way to generate funds when most users are using the free version of the dating app.

Integration – Gifts and Third-Party Services

Mobile app developers can, for example, link an online restaurant portal inside the application. This would give users the ability to plan a date when they are matched with someone and book a reservation at the nearest partner restaurant. For a dating app, you might also want to integrate with gift shops, flower shops, etc.

How to Create a Tinder-like Dating Application?

Tweak the Concept

Don’t just clone an existing app. Think of fresh twists and additions to Tinder’s model. Gather all your ideas and pitch them to different audiences to get a refined version.

Find Your Audience

Find a way to make your product stand out, because there are hundreds of other dating apps out there. Determine who you want to target and offer them specific benefits that no other app does.

Choose Technology Stack

You might have a great vision, but you need to be able to bring it to life. Don’t downplay the importance of finding professionals who can help you turn your ideas into reality. Your team should probably include:

  • UI/UX designer(s)
  • IOS/Android developer(s)
  • Backend developer(s)
  • Project manager
  • QA engineer(s)
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Build the Feature Set

No matter how you customize it, the core functionality should be added to your prospective dating application. Building out from this set of requirements should help guide you:

  1. Login
  2. Geolocation
  3. Chat
  4. Gender variability
  5. Push notifications
  6. Swiping & matching
  7. User-friendly settings
  8. Third-party affiliated portals

Work with Design

People will be using your app to look for attractive pictures. Ideally, the app itself should be visually appealing, too. To make your app unique and engaging, you need a beautiful interface design, formatting and fonts, logo, swiping, and much more.

Dating app development and design | LITSLINK Blog

What to be Prepared for When Building a Dating App?

Use analytics to monitor KPIs, i.e. the number of people signing up, active users, etc. Implement measures to identify and remove junk accounts to keep user satisfaction high. Read your user reviews carefully and constantly.

If you receive negative feedback, don’t be discouraged. There will be users who are exclusively Tinder-oriented. They are not your target audience.

How Much does It Cost?

Making a Tinder platform is a big project. You’re going to set a good budget for it to implement all features and make it running. The cost of dating app creation varies but it mainly depends on the staff you hire. You will likely need software developers, designers, marketers, etc. Their rates vary significantly based on your location, as well. As a rough estimate, you might expect an investment in the ballpark of $50,000 just to kick off your app. The average time needed for dating application development to produce a working model is around 3 months. You can check out our outsourcing case studies for more detailed information on how we assist businesses in scaling their operations and bringing new products to market.

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The market is saturated with dating applications of different design and mechanics, but this is an exceptional field. This audience enjoys trying something new by downloading fascinating apps from the App Store or Play Market. Who knows? This could be your big breakthrough. Just take your time, and consider this guide on how to create a dating app. Research the market thoroughly, hire a professional team of developers, and put your own special touches on the design to attract users to your app.

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