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Swiping Feature App

Go-to-college app helps users to find their perfect university course and discover apprenticeship opportunities.


Go-to-college is a Tinder-like mobile application aimed at helping high-school students studying in the UK to search for the nearest universities. It also helps them to find a course in an engaging manner−swiping much like in Tinder. The app also allows users to find new friends and engage in chats. This mobile application is available for both Android and iOS.


There was a need in creating an appealing and informative application for both iOS and Android platforms that would cater to multiple Go-to-college users in an interactive and engaging manner. This way, a company reached out to LITSLINK for software development services and relied on it as a technology expert in building educational apps.



Software engineers from the software development company, LITSLINK, built the app with a swiping feature interface that helps users to browse the information in an interactive manner, and thus makes the product more engaging to the audience. After some intense work, LITSLINK’s team presented a high performance, intuitive, and customizable application with a number of innovative features including:

  • detailed info about the apprenticeship opportunities
  • grant and scholarship matching
  • personal and group chat options
  • best nearby accommodation options
  • connection with existing students to ask about the University’s life.

The app was originally launched in September 2016 for Android devices. In September 2017, the Go-to-college app was rebuilt from scratch using React Native & Redux cross-platform technologies. Eventually the application was launched on both iOS and Android platforms in November 2017.


Go-to-college app became the first mobile application of its kind that allows users to browse university courses in an engaging manner by swiping through cards with useful information about each of them. Besides the educative and informational aspects, Go-to-college also has a strong social impact. It builds strong local university communities and LITSLINK is happy to help in making that happen.

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