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01 May, 2024

Top 10 Amazing Apps Built Using Flutter

Hardly anyone of us as simple users is interested in tools that were used in creating our favorite mobile applications. We just enjoy (or not) the experience of using an app running on our device. But when it comes to a professional interest when we want to create a superb application, then we need to address a question — what’s the best instrument to do it?

We’ve selected the top ten mobile applications created using Flutter to show that this is exactly the tool that you might pick up for your app development.

But what is Flutter? Flutter is a framework that is used to build appealing and user-friendly cross-platform and native mobile applications that will smoothly run on multiple platforms — iOS, Android, Windows, etc. For more advantages the framework provides, you can read here.

Companies around the globe have used Flutter to build apps from scratch or support the existing ones. And you are quite familiar with these companies and their applications even though you had no idea they used the framework.

Flutter examples include Google Ads, the eBay Motors app, Baidu Tieba, and many others. So here are the top picks of Flutter apps.

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1. Insight Timer

In the time of uncertainty, rat races, and crisis, people are already chronically stressed out and dead tired. It’s highly important to have an opportunity to look after your mental and physical health. Insight Timer is a free meditation Flutter app that unites more than fourteen million people to help them battle stress, anxiety, improve and maintain good sleep.

The application has 30 000+ titles of meditations, so you can choose any meditation to your liking. Download it from Google Play or the App Store and enjoy your stress-free experiences.

Flutter App - Inside Timer | LITSLINK Blog

2.Stadia App

If you’re a hardcore gamer or you just fancy some nice games from time to time, you’ve probably checked out Stadia. It’s a cloud platform built for streaming games, which was released in November 2019 by Google. Flutter was used to create the Stadia application for both mobile operating systems — iOS and Android to boost your gaming experience.

With Stadia Flutter app, you’ll have unforgettable games just in a matter of a few clicks.

Stadia App Built with Flutter| LITSLINK Blog

3. Reflectly

Refectly is another ideal Flutter mobile app with a focus on your well-being. It’s an application that utilizes artificial intelligence to assist you in exploring yourself while you keep journaling your thoughts and concerns. Thus, Refectly helps you cope with negative emotions and teaches you how to be comfortable in your own skin. Positive psychology, CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), and self-awareness are at the core of the application so that you can be sure it will have a positive impact on your life.

This award-winning app definitely deserves your undivided attention.

Flutter Apps - Reflectly | LITSLINK Blog

4. Grab

Grab is a company based in Singapore that provides various services like transportation, payment solutions, insurance, online delivery, and booking, etc. It also used Flutter to build its food delivery mobile application. Grap makes delivery services easy, painless, and convenient.

This Flutter app is extremely popular with users and can be downloaded from the app stores for Android and iOS.

Best Apps Built Using Flutter - Grab | LITSLINK Blog


What do you do if you want to buy real estate? You would probably use something convenient that does not disrupt your search for a perfect house or apartment and have all the information about it at your fingertips. Such is It’s a platform that helps you find, buy, sell, rent estate, and it also performs other functions like assisting you in calculating mortgage, etc. You can either go to the website or download the Flutter app on Google Play or the App Store. | LITSLINK Blog

6. The New York Times KenKen Puzzles

The application of the Flutter framework is not limited to cross-platform mobile development only. It also encompasses other platforms and devices. For instance, the New York Times KenKen puzzle is accessible for smartphones, tablets, and laptops and can be run on different operating systems.

KenKen is mathematical puzzles of various complexity that might be a real treat for someone who likes spending time with pleasure and boosting one’s mental abilities at the same time. Flutter is the tool that brings the puzzle to different platforms that you could enjoy solving.

Flutter App - The New York Times KenKen Puzzles | LITSLINK Blog

7. Hamilton

If you’re a culture vulture and you especially love musicals, this Flutter app is right for you. Hamilton is a hit Broadway musical that captivates the minds of its viewers. The musical crew decided to create an app that would make their audience’s e-commerce experience more enjoyable. Now they can try and win a ticket in a lottery, buy merch, read news and updates on a daily basis, and even take selfies with the Ham Cam. The Hamilton app is both visually beautiful and fast performing.

Amazing Flutter App - Hamilton | LITSLINK Blog

8. Groupon

Groupon is a US-based company that once disrupted shopping experience with its deals. Now, it’s a successful multi-million corporation. Groupon offers its sellers a mobile app, which is built with the help of Flutter, to track campaign activities, performance, boost customer satisfaction and have timely and efficient support services.

Flutter Apps - Groupon | LITSLINK Blog

9. Alibaba Xianyu

Alibaba Group is one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world based in China. Alibaba used the Flutter framework to create a mobile app Xianyu, which has more than 200 million registered users and 50 million of them use Flutter.

The app connects retailers and buyers in a single ecosystem. rThe application is fast, appealing, easy-to-understand, and runs on iOS and Android without a hitch.

Amazing Flutter Apps - Alibaba Xianyu | LITSLINK Blog

10. Nubank

The financial services industry also benefits from using Flutter. A Latin American Nubank has built a mobile application to bring all its services into the pockets of their clients. You can open your digital account without attending a Nubank office — everything is intuitive and user-friendly.

Top Flutter App - Nubank | LITSLINK Blog

There were our top ten amazing applications built using Flutter. And as you might have already noticed, this framework is used by many companies and in various industries. So no matter what you’re trying to create — an e-commerce app or a yoga app, Flutter framework and our Flutter development services will become a reliable tool in building your next amazing application.

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