Coronavirus Crisis

Covid tracing app featured 1

COVID-19 Tracing Apps: How Do They Work in Different Countries?

Imagine standing in the supermarket line when your phone buzzes, and you already know what it means — a notification from a newly launched tracing app. Somebody, you don't even ...
Ai helps fight coronavirus

How AI Can Help Fight the Coronavirus Pandemic: Top Applications

Would you allow a machine to treat you for coronavirus or check whether you stick to lockdown restrictions? Not sure? Impressively, AI occurs to be an effective tool in the figh...
Vr and ar in the age of coronavirus

Will we go virtual? How COVID-19 is transforming AR and VR markets?

The coronavirus has hit the world unexpectedly and many countries are currently on lockdown — you can hardly find a government that hasn’t been affected by the COVID-19 and coro...
Tech companies fight against coronavirus featured

How Tech Companies Like Apple and Tesla Contribute to the Fight Against COVID-19

Nobody could predict the arrival of the global economic crisis in the first quarter of 2020. It was like a nightmare from a bad dream. All of a sudden, all business sectors went...
Covid case featured image

How Should Employers Respond to Coronavirus? LITSLINK Case

As COVID-19 pandemic spreads around the world, thousands of new cases are being diagnosed every day. As of March 21, the World Health Organization reported 234 073 confirmed cas...
Crisis management featured

Crisis Management Guidelines: How Should Startups Handle Their Costs in Coronavirus Crisis?

Global stock markets were swimming in red ink on March, 9th 2020. The S&P (Standard & Poor’s) 500 index decreased by 7.6%, and the FTSE 100 (Financial Times Stock Exchan...
What a global economic crisis holds for startups featured 02

What Does a Global Economic Crisis Hold for Startups?

The world is teetering now from the arriving financial crisis and coronavirus pandemic. On March 9, 2020, a stock market crash happened known as a Black Monday. On this date, DJ...
Top ten tools for employees featured.jpg

Top 10 Tools for Remote Employees To Cope with Workflow In Coronavirus Crisis

The coronavirus outbreak spreads panic over the world at lightning speed. Donald Trump announced a 30-day travel ban for EU citizens to the US. In his speech, he mentioned: “Th...
Featured coronavirus tracking tools

Top Ten Tools for Monitoring Your Remote Employees In The Age of The Coronavirus

Probably a lot of business owners used to think that an opportunity to work remotely is a personal whim of lazy employees. But the situation with the coronavirus outbreak proved...
Remote work in coronovirus

Working Remotely in Coronavirus Crisis: All the Tips and Pitfalls of Remote Working

As coronavirus pandemic spreads throughout the world, affecting more and more human lives, businesses across all domains have to prepare to adapt to the changing conditions. Num...
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