Elixir is a dynamic, functional language with an immutable state and an actor-based approach to concurrency designed for building scalable and maintainable applications with simple, modern and clean syntax. Elixir allows you to write short, fast, and maintainable code. It is great for writing highly concurrent web applications and a superior choice for high-traffic systems.

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Main features of the Elixir language:

  • Compiles to bytecode for the Erlang Virtual Machine.
  • Achieves polymorphism via its Protocols mechanism.
  • Like in Clojure, protocols provide a dynamic dispatch mechanism.
  • Support for documentation via Python-like docstrings in the Markdown formatting language.
  • Shared-nothing concurrent programming via message passing.
  • Emphasis on recursion and higher-order functions instead of side-effect-based looping of Lightweight concurrency, utilizing Erlang's mechanisms.
  • Built-in tooling for managing dependencies, code compilation, running tests, formatting code, remote debugging, and more.
  • Unicode support.

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