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Mighty Immersion

VR system for the Best Healthcare

What is?

Mighty Immersion is a revolutionary VR kit that helps hospitals, medical staff, and patients throughout the world to provide and receive the most effective experiences in healthcare. The system has become an integral part of physical therapy, pain management, stress and anxiety relief, entertainment, and other medical procedures for patients of different ages. With the help of the system patients are provided with VR experiences that distract them from unpleasant medical manipulations.



Understanding the critical importance of such technology in healthcare and having gained a huge success with several hospitals, the client realized that Mighty Immersion should be distributed on a large scale. Even the hospital they’ve been working with, experienced growing demand for the VR kit. The request was  to go from a couple of sets to more than fifty as soon as possible. The client contacted LITSLINK to help them manage those brand-new devices through a simple and user-friendly online portal.


To meet the challenge in the most efficient way, we built a device management system with the help of Firebase. This platform made the development process exceptionally smooth and fast. It allowed us to put the client’s ideas into action without a slightest delay—no need to focus on the backend development, manage the API, etc. We used Firebase for the back end so that the client could pay undivided attention to the core activities.


The solution helped to provide the best hospital experience to a larger number of patients and medical personnel. Mighty Immersion VR greatly helps in dealing with injections, IVs, and other traumatizing procedures by providing a practical alternative to anesthesia or opiates.

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