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05 Jun, 2024

Top 7 AI Content Generation Tools You Can’t Miss in 2024

Once all the stories, videos, and audio started with the hard work of dozens of people at the backstage. Now one piece of a story or an engaging video starts with a prompt, or simply AI tools. For marketing specialists, copywriters, and content creators, the emergence of content creation apps allows for fast-forward decisions and the elimination of routine work. The magic of AI becomes scalable, multi-channeled, and reasonable. While the global AI content creation market was valued at US$ 1400 million in 2022, now statistical reports predict it will reach US$ 5958 million by 2029. Thus, AI-generated content is going to captivate us longer.

Today our main aim is to introduce to you our curated list of best AI content writing tools, including: 

  • ChatGPT – write with a power of prompt;
  • ClosersCopy – upgrade your marketing campaign with different prompts;
  • Ai-Writer  –  your academic and marketing buddy;
  • BuzzSumo –  analyze content engagement, track trends, and spot new business opportunities;
  • Jasper AI –  your AI solution for innovative marketing;
  • CopySmith –  best AI content marketing tool for large marketing teams, in-house marketing teams at large enterprises;
  • – the all-in-one marketing and sales solution with pre-built workflows.

You will find out about their main features, available prompt library, and terms of use. Additionally, we will give insights about useful AI audio/video content creation tools to enhance your blog posts and social media posts. But now let’s start with the basics and find out why actually we need AI tools.

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The Significance of AI Content Creation Software

Today, paid advertising only motivates thousands of people to block it on various devices. The flood of spam that we usually call “digital advertising” no longer works. And some brands have already recognized this problem. They understand that creating communities on social media, providing valuable content, and communicating with the target audience is the only way to get users to buy a product or use the brand’s services.

But there’s a price to pay for everything. We are talking about an army of content and SMM managers who work in a noisy office 24/7. As a consequence, we get a high cost of hiring, low-quality content, and a lack of desired results in sales.

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With the advent of new technologies like AI and machine learning, with the shift from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, the internet develops faster and is crowded with thousands of learning and working opportunities: different specialized software, AI tools for content writing, AI software for image and video generation, and even free packages for running a Private GPT for the enterprises. 

Now IT specialists suppose many working issues can be solved by AI, so they work hard on the development of really worthy software: free and paid. A neural network is a method of artificial intelligence that works on the principle of the human brain. Neurons receive, process, and give back information, and connections pass it on. The main difference between neurons of a computer network is that they need constant training. People, on the other hand, expand their neural network when they learn something new.

Generative AI transforms industries and plays a significant role in the field of high-quality content marketing, optimizing processes while reducing the workload of content teams. Anyway, let’s find out the main principles of this technology’s work to learn whether AI can replace humans or not.

Explaining an AI-Generated Content

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Although human results of work can’t be replaced by robots, yet, artificial intelligence already plays an essential role across different industries, primarily, in AI-powered web development, as more companies would like to have custom scalable AI solutions. AI tools can help you improve the quality of your content by making it more accurate, concise, and compelling, increasing the efficiency of the process by automating the research, writing, editing, and publishing. 

To be more precise, AI content creation is the process of elevating machine learning models and algorithms to generate high-quality and engaging content according to the specified objectives. As a result, an AI system that works within the application analyzes data sets, learns and identifies patterns, and produces the content in different styles and mimics human versions. 

To understand the process of getting AI content, let’s understand the main terms of technology that we utilize.

 Natural Language Processing

First comes the natural language processing that makes the machine work for us and creates content

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a machine-learning technology that enables computers to interpret, manipulate, and understand human language. Organizations today operate a large amount of voice and text data from various communication channels, such as emails, messages, social media news feeds, video, audio, and more. For example, AI chatbots use NLP to automatically process data, analyze the intent or sentiment in the message, and respond to human communication in real-time.

Processing AI generators is critical to effectively analyzing textual and spoken data. In this way, it is possible to overcome differences in dialect, slang, and grammatical irregularities typical for everyday conversations.

Text and Visual Content Generator

Artificial Intelligence is now actively influencing business processes, automating almost any task, even in complex industries, from trivial learning to computer engineering. AI-powered generators are in the spotlight now, as companies try to meet the growing demand and huge flow of original and relevant content.

Nowadays, AI can solve creative tasks like content or design creation, as it speeds up and facilitates the process significantly. AI generator works by creating text using NLP techniques — it is crafted by providing corporate data, adapting content for users’ behavior, and personalized descriptions of a subject.

Artificial Intelligence is a sequence of layers that all consist of neurons. Each of them performs a different role:

  • There are neurons (or neuron structures) that learn to pick out important elements in images, like the hair of a cat or a dog.
  • There are neurons that learn to make inferences based on the highlighted elements — for example, if an animal has long paws, it’s probably a dog. 

All of them combine into groups (layers) and become a single artificial neural network.

Through AI tools, companies across different industries can generate personalized content and event train the private GPT model installed into the enterprise software. The main applications of AI content generation include:

  • Content Marketing and SEO (automated landing pages, SEO-optimized blog posts, personalized content recommendations, social media posts);
  • Content Creation in Journalism (data analysis, news articles generation, data-driven reports, storytelling, and more);
  • PR and Advertising (writing press releases, invitations, brochures, memos, audience research);
  • Sales (competitor analysis, sales email, cold DM writing, and brainstorming).

In most cases, generative AI is applied by middle and giant companies to enhance business processes and get rid of repetitive tasks, but as the market introduces more and more interesting AI applications, Dall-E 2, Lumen5, and Sounddraw, the younger audience is getting attracted. 

So, how does an AI generator work? 

As an example, we can consider the process of training artificial intelligence to recognize faces. To train any AI correctly, we need to do two things: collect enough data and define what we are going to penalize it for. For this task, it is necessary to collect dozens of photos of all the people you want to identify and penalize the neural network if the person it suggests does not match the one on the photo.

Top 7 AI Content Generation Tools to Write a Masterpiece

ai content generators_LITSLINK

AI technology today is a hot topic in the IT industry, not only because of enthusiastic publications in the media, but also the scale of AI generator penetration in almost all areas of modern life. From the medical industry, expert systems, and scientific research to industrial robotics and autopilot transport. So, what are the best tools for content generation in 2024?

1. ChatGPT

Two months have passed since the launch of ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot. It was created by OpenAI, a research company founded by Elon Musk and Sam Altman. People started to notice that ChatGPT has been a game changer since then. Moreover, the platform crossed 1 million users in just 5 days after its launch. 

No matter what you ask it to write — a song in the style of your favorite musician, your school homework (500 words about the end of World War II? No problem), something for your company’s website, a speech, or even a piece of program code — ChatGPT has proven to do this well.

ChatGPT is like an encyclopedia that is available 24 hours a day and provides answers to (almost) all questions in record time. Math, history, philosophy, nothing escapes it. But this conversational agent — which is based on OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model — excels mostly in text generation. Whether it’s a fictional story, an email, a joke, or a newspaper article, it can write a clear, understandable, and reliable text on any topic.

2. AI-Writer

AI-Writer is one of the best AI content editors for iOS and Mac. Thanks to its simple design and easy-to-use features, it’s effortless to work with. Unlike other text editors, AI-Writer is not overloaded with features: there are no settings at all. The only difference from the standard keyboard is the additional bar with characters on top — dash, comma, period, and others.

The main solutions of this application are:

  • Academic writing (Generates full-length draft essays and provides a strong foundation with valuable sources and citations);
  • SEO / Content Marketing (Produces SEO-friendly articles and allows customization);
  • Marketing & Social Media (articles for blogs, newsletters, and eBooks with the “AI Writing Generator”);
  • Journalism & Blogging (Generates high-quality content, produces structured article drafts).

AI-Writer allows you to synchronize all the notes with iCloud and Dropbox. Because of this, it still stores thoughts from a year ago. Originally, you can share a note via email and social media, but you can also open it in other apps. Although it is powerful AI writing software, you can have only a 1-week free trial, and after choose the payment plan. 

What is interesting about the ready-to-use AI applications with multiple marketing and sales prompts is that they are built using the ChatGPT-3.5 and ChatGPT-4 system models from OpenAI. Other popular AI models include Claude 2.1, Claude 3, Mixtral, and Google Gemini Pro.

3. ClosersCopy

ClosersCopy is an intuitive AI copywriting software that allows people to write marketing content. This AI marketing content software allows users to access its huge library of different copywriting templates. By using a template that suits your purposes, you can create excellent copy for your company and its services, even if you are not an experienced copywriter.

This AI writing software can be used only for payment with a monthly subscription. It is a good choice for big communities, and large companies, as it offers unlimited SEO audits, workflows, email support, and unlimited updates.

4. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is an online AI platform that collects insights and helps generate high-performing copy. Content gathering and analytics help come up with new ideas, create texts, find opinionated content creators online, and track the effectiveness of published copy.

You can search for high-quality content by keywords, trending, topic, and question. Using filters, you can set up the detailed output of queries, for example, by date of publication, number of likes and views, geography, cost of the query, etc. Content research in BuzzSumo scans multiple posts to generate unique copy. It consists of searching for the best references for content creation, analyzing competitors, and comparing texts by time period. The tracking option helps monitor opinions about brands, products, and competitors to find keywords and backlinks for future content.

5. Jasper AI

Jasper is an artificial intelligence that can create textual content for web pages, blogs, social networks, and other media. Today, it is exaggeratedly said that Jasper will replace the copywriters on your team, but who knows? Maybe, the technology will expand one day so that this will be absolutely possible. Jasper AI generator is now a powerful tool for copywriting. With it, you can write any kind of text faster and more efficiently.

The tool was originally called Jarvis and was created in 2020. Although it is relatively young, it has revolutionized the online world. And perhaps because of this little revolution, Jarvis, which changed its name to Jasper in 2022, got a big response, as well as a big investment. The initial investment was $6 million, and the next ones certainly won’t be long in coming.

Jasper AI is an artificial intelligence that can also generate images with cunningly entered instructions. It just depends on how precisely you describe to the AI generator what the image should be. Although this AI writing tool is paid, but there are many cool features to use individually and in a team:

  • Brand and product positioning;
  • Company strategy;
  • Voice and style guide;
  • Project management;
  • Review and optimization;
  • On-brand AI assistant;
  • AI recommendations and insights;
  • Direct publishing.

6. CopySmith

CopySmith is a GPT-3-based AI copywriter that produces product descriptions, taglines, SEO meta tags, and ad texts for Instagram/Facebook/Google in the blink of an eye. The software offers several features to boost your site’s revenue. One of them is called Chrome Extension, which allows you to install a Chrome plugin that puts an affiliate link for your site into any browser that uses Google Chrome. Another feature offers cart pop-ups to users; with it, you can show a popup asking users if they want to purchase any of your products.

The CopySmith AI generator also ensures that there will be no distortions of the site images during their use by advertisers. The platform analyzes the site design and places ads that are most likely to be seen by users. It ensures that ads do not need the advertiser to remove existing elements on the page.

7. is a software company that developed a machine-learning algorithm that creates original content. They use the power of artificial intelligence to generate quality articles, emails, blogs, and social media posts with a higher level of engagement and at a lower cost than hiring a copywriter. is an AI-powered content generation platform that uses deep learning to automatically provide valuable and meaningful text. The system can create copies in more than 30 languages and understand structures with ease. can solve many problems, including creating fresh, relevant high-quality content, reducing workload, and increasing efficiency.

The two main solutions it offers are AI Marketing OS and AI Sales OS.  

The all-in-one marketing solution includes:

  • Company insights;
  • Social media posts;
  • LinkedIn profile generation;
  • Content brief and blog posts;
  • Competitor analysis;
  • Documents repurpose plus 200 more workflows to cover all possible use cases.

We believe that there is a lot to engage yourself in within the AI content platforms and draft amazing masterpieces. While doing so, we also acknowledge that we should use AI just as a tool, not a human substitute.

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Audio and Video AI Content Creation Applications

Now as you are powered with a wide choice of the best AI content generation software, let’s discover additional helpful resources for enhancing text with images, video, and recording AI audio. 


Invideo – an AI-powered content generator that turns your ideas into videos. The platform can be used by any content creator like Youtubers and brand managers to create and customize video in high quality. The beauty of this app is that you can look through a vast library of ready-to-use templates and choose the one to start with. Additionally, you get access to libraries from Shutterstock and Storyblocks. 

An Invideo AI feature includes the following tools:

  • Slideshow Maker;
  • AI Video Editor
  • AI Script Generator;
  • AI Talking Avatar;
  • AI Text to Video;
  • AI Voice Generator with humanlike voiceover.

Despite many cool features that may seem complex, it is easy to navigate the website and follow instructions to produce high-quality content


If you need to create studio-quality videos with AI avatars and voiceovers, then you can try out Synthesia. With this AI tool, you can generate videos in moments, in 130+ languages. Although the main application of such a tool can be e-learning projects and podcasts, it is a useful AI application for marketers and sales departments. 

The main benefits of the platform include the availability of collaboration tools, the ability to generate audio and video content of rather good quality, learn use cases and check guides, and create your own custom avatar. To use all features you have to subscribe to a monthly or yearly plan that starts from $22.0 per month.


Here is the best audio and video editor for podcasters and Youtubers. Descript is an AI tool that can write, record, transcribe, edit, and share videos and podcasts

One of the interesting features is called “descript for transcription”. With this feature, you can edit the video by editing the text. Descript transcribes the video and lets you edit it the way you are editing the document. It is the magic of AI. Isn’t it?

Descript is free to start with or get a Creator plan with $12 per month. 

Every AI content generation tool or online application has its unique outstanding features that can be suitable for marketing, sales, promotion, e-learning, and other different industries. While many of these applications are available at a certain price, big companies choose to create custom ChatGPT or custom AI audio-video software that will easily integrate into the company’s business processes.

Wrapping Up 

Choosing the right AI content software for your business can be a challenge. There are many applications of AI in business, so it can be difficult to decide which one is ideal for you. To make an informed decision, it’s important to test different platforms and services and evaluate how well they fit your business goals. In this article, we looked at the 7 best AI content generators for creating absolutely any type of written piece and introduced audio and video AI editing tools. So, maybe one of them will be a perfect match for your needs.

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