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08 May, 2024

ChatGPT by OpenAI Explained: All You Need to Know About This Popular AI Software

The business world is teeming with artificial intelligence tools. From chatbots and virtual nurses to image generators, the technology is ubiquitous. World-class companies use AI to streamline processes and reduce costs. Yet, among other similar software, OpenAI’s new model ChatGPT is a game changer.

The fear that AI can take jobs away from humans is becoming more justified as the chatbot enters the market. In fact, it has the power to relieve workers of repetitive tasks and ease their daily workflow. The potential merits OpenAI’s ChatGPT can bring to the world are enormous. In this article, we’ll dive into this software to understand how it works, why it is unique and how businesses can reap the benefits from it. open ai gpt

What is OpenAI?

To get a gist of what OpenAI — an alma mater of ChatGPT — is trying to accomplish with its technology, we’ll tell you more about the company. To put it briefly, the company deals with AI research and deployment; it aims to shape the future of technology by ensuring that artificial general intelligence (AGI) benefits all of humanity.

By AGI, OpenAI means autonomous systems that outperform human capabilities in some economically valuable work. The company seeks to develop a one-of-a-kind API that various businesses or individuals can apply to any language task to perform multiple natural language processing (NLP) errands. The pivotal challenge is to get rid of the software’s malfunctions: biased texts, fabrication of facts and ignoring user instructions. In this way, OpenAI ensures that ChatGPT learns from human feedback and that the system does not harm the real world.

What is ChatGPT, and Why Did It Go Viral?

ChatGPT by OpenAI is a chatbot released in November 2022 to test the potential of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, where GPT stands for Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer. Although it is a fairly new system, the New York Times claims that 30 million people are already using it. Since the company launched its bot, users have been experimenting with the tool to create pieces of written content or even images.

Through the dialog format, ChatGPT is able to interact in a conversational manner, answer follow-up questions and even reject inappropriate requests. This artificial intelligence chatbot learns from valid training data to provide knowledgeable answers in various domains. While the GPT chatbot is not intelligent enough to replace a human, it is still creative and gives mostly accurate replies. Thus, let’s find out how the system works so that it captivates so many users.

How Does GPT AI Chatbot Operate?

Thanks to proper training with human assistance and computing techniques, OpenAI’s chatbot processes and recognizes patterns in vast amounts of data and responds accurately to users’ questions. One of the bot’s biggest advantages is that it understands words in context, rather than as a standalone, meaningful entity. OpenAI’s new AI model derives meanings from texts and demonstrates encyclopedic knowledge.

Therefore, users can write natural-language prompts and be sure that ChatGPT understands them. The chatbot also remembers the conversation history and uses it to respond to the next answers. To teach ChatGPT how to process the data, human AI trainers have provided the system with real human conversations, so it can learn to communicate like a person.openai new ai model from text_LITSLINK

This artificial intelligence chatbot is simple and easy to use. The first thing you have to do is to create an account and verify it; after that, you are free to enjoy its vast range of capabilities. Users simply need to type their requests or questions in a dialog box, and the bot will give them quick answers. ChatGPT can do many tasks: from writing poems to creating art prompts. For example, you can type: “Write a short poem about the battle between the programming languages Rust and Python” — and the system will please you with a compelling piece of content.

OpenAI’s AI model creates its texts primarily using Internet databases, including books, web articles, and other written materials. Along with it, ChatGPT can guess what the next word in a sentence should be. However, if you want to get more accurate results, you should formulate your query as detailed as possible, because the bot does not think the way humans do. Otherwise, the generator will give you inaccurate data that has no value to you. 

What are the Limits of ChatGPT?

Although ChatGPT is highly potent software, OpenAI warns that it sometimes gives the wrong answers, even if they sound plausible. As we mentioned earlier, AI does not think the way humans do, and that’s where most of the problems come from. If you provide the generator with enough details, it’ll fulfill the command with an accurate answer. Therefore, it’s recommended to try different variations of your query to get better results and check the validity of the information the chat provides. Another major drawback is that OpenAI’s ChatGPT seems to only know about world events before 2022 because it was trained with older data. gpt open ai

Let’s look at other limitations of the chatbot: 

  • ChatGPT may respond differently to the same phrase or question. For example, the first time you write down your query, it may say that it does not know the answer, but if you change it slightly, it’ll respond correctly.
  • OpenAI’s ChatGPT overuses certain phrases and repeats the same phrase over and over again. This happens because AI trainers prefer longer responses, so the system tries to expand limited information about the topic.
  • When a user enters an ambiguous query, the chatbot usually guesses what they meant instead of asking to clarify questions.
  • The software is still learning how to detect inappropriate requests. To solve this problem, OpenAI collects user feedback to teach the chatbot to distinguish between positive and negative queries.

Is OpenAI’s GPT Chatbot Free to Use?

The answer is simple: yes, it is free yet. However, in January 2023, OpenAI introduced a paid version that allows users to utilize the chat even during peak hours. At the same time, those who use the free version often stumble upon the message, “ChatGPT is at capacity right now.” For better or worse, the volume of users is getting bigger and the system can’t handle such a number of visitors.

What Kinds of Questions Can You Ask?

Indeed, you can ask any question that relates to various areas of life unless it is inappropriate or harmful. For instance, if you wonder how a car works, you can fill in the dialog box with a query like “Explain how an automobile can drive and how its engine works.” You can also ask ChatGPT to write a poem for you, but it is better if you specify what it should be about to get interesting outcomes.

Impressively, OpenAI’s new model can create art prompts from the text you give. Thus, you can use them to craft attention-grabbing images. To do this, you need to log into Discord and add the Midjourney Bot to your channels; then, ask ChatGPT to write an art prompt. Using the command “/imagine”, you paste the text into the chat box and see the result. Below, you can see an example of an illustration created from the chatbot art prompt.artificial intelligence chat bot - LITSLINK

When it comes to the corporate playground, specialists from various fields can use ChatGPT to optimize their workflow and get inspiration. Journalists, copywriters, designers, SEO specialists, developers, company owners and others may resort to the OpenAI AI model and get texts for various purposes. Given all this information, we can definitely state that artificial intelligence is not clever and creative enough to replace humans, but it is definitely a handy tool to speed up routine tasks.

What is Next: Microsoft’s Plans on ChatGPT 

Although OpenAI’s GPT chatbot is still in its infancy and most users utilize the free version of the tool, Reuters predicts that the company’s revenue will raise up to $200 million in 2023 and $1 billion in 2024. The business has several big-name investors, including Elon Musk, Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn founder), Peter Thiel and Microsoft. The latter has the biggest plans on ChatGPT, having invested a massive sum — $1 billion — and is now trying to integrate the solution into its operations.

Microsoft plans to incorporate the AI system behind the chatbot into its Bing search engine and Office suite. In doing so, the company hopes to differentiate itself from Google and beat it in the competition. Currently, Bing is one of the most popular search engines, but Google has a firm grip on the market. Thanks to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Microsoft could better understand users’ queries and process them more conversationally.

It is only a matter of time before the chatbot sheds its bias and improves in all areas, so Microsoft’s investment begins to pay off. It seems obvious that the future of this new OpenAI model is huge, and we are certain to see its actual potential in action soon.

In a Nutshell

The popularity of ChatGPT is a testament to the potential we see in AI, especially when it comes to making a positive impact on society. The community’s response makes it clear that everyone from technologists to tech geeks invests in the idea of improving the capacity of the chatbot.

The technology’s ability to mimic human communication is a testament to how far the field of natural language processing has come. ChatGPT can streamline business processes, freeing up staff to focus on other tasks. These advantages are the reason the artificial intelligence chatbot has brought so much benefit to the community so far, and why it will continue to deliver great services in the future.

If you’re planning to develop your own AI chatbot or adopt an existing one for your business, we offer cutting-edge artificial intelligence services for all industries. Contact us!

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