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Coursematch app helps users find their perfect university course or Apprenticeship. The best University finding an app out there also it is easy to use and is packed with so much useful information to help users get the best chance in life.


What is?

Coursematch is the mobile application aimed at helping young students based in the UK find a course to study at University or Apprenticeship and connecting them to other students. It is a mobile application available on both Android and iOS Platform smartphones.


The challenge put forth to LITSLINK was to create an honest, intuitive, but highly functional iOS and Android application that would cater to the thousands of Coursematch subscribers in the Educational field. The primary feature of users that using the Сoursematch mobile application that of UK based 16-18-year-olds. These users install the application with the aim to find a course to take at University and to find people with similar interests.
We should build the app with "Tinder-like" cards with courses, apprenticeship short or detailed info, personal or group chats, the possibility of finding the nearest University and get detailed info about it, the possibility of sharing users experience or thoughts through the groups.



LITSLINK brought our best-in-class mobile user experience and mobile application expertise to create a highly performative, intuitive, robust, and customizable application experience. We created an application to help students who are currently finishing the school to find out suitable courses, universities, and apprenticeships for their future. The app’s functionality has the following key features:

Personal Statement Review. Let Coursematch's in-house experts provide ongoing edits, reviews, and suggestions on your personal statement throughout the process.

Monthly Advisor Chat. Coursematch application tasks by deadlines, and offer personal support as and when you need it.

Grant & Scholarship Matching. Provide Coursematch with some basic information, and let the app do the heavy lifting to find grants suitable for you.

Accommodation Hunter. Coursematch can help provide a wealth of information on the best accommodation options available.

Connect with an Existing Student. Coursematch will connect you with a student currently taking this course, or university - providing you with an honest insight into university life.

Coursematch was originally launched in September 2016 on Android devices only. It was the first mobile application of its type, allowing users to browse University courses in an engaging manner, by swiping through cards, each of which contained a university course. In September 2017, the Coursematch app was rebuilt from scratch using React Native & Redux cross-platform technologies and launched on both iOS and Android platforms in November 2017.


Coursematch gave online access to apprenticeship options, university courses, entry requirements, student satisfaction rates, National student survey results and employability rates making it an invaluable tool for future students. The app also allows the possibility of finding the nearest University and getting detailed info about it, the possibility of sharing users experience or thoughts through the groups. (edited)