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MySquire manages all travelers' needs in a single app. In a nutshell, the app offers instant online guided tours on demand.

Marketplace for Travelers case study - software development company LITSLINK


MySquire is a marketplace for professional service providers and travelers. Its sophisticated yet simple frontend UI allows users to acquire high-quality services at reasonable rates.

MySquire consists of 2 main parts: a web platform for service providers and a cross-platform mobile app for travelers.

  • The platform allows Tour Guides, Business Consultants, Shopping Assistants, and Translators to offer their services to  travelers and earn money
  • The mobile app shows travelers all available service providers on the map based on geolocation. Users are free to choose anyone with whom to chat with
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Just how hard is it to immediately find an interpreter in China right after you have landed at the airport? Or select the best boutiques in Milan when there’re only two hours left before the flight home? Sounds terrifying, but that was in the pre-MySquire days. The founders of MySquire are frequent business travelers, so they know the users’ pains very well. They reached out to LITSLINK to create an app that would instantly connect them with the required experts online during trips abroad. At the same time, they saw a great opportunity for people who want to become a Guide (Squire) in any city in the world to earn some money.

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To bring this idea to life, LITSLINK as a custom web development firm created two products that work as one. The first product is a MySquire web platform that works as a freelance website for travel service providers. It allows Tour Guides, Business Consultants, Shopping Assistants, and Translators to offer their services to the travelers and gain money remotely. The second product is the MySquire mobile app. It shows travelers all available service providers on a scalable online map. Users are free to choose anyone to start working via chat, audio or video call. Due to the map-centric UI, guides can see the traveler’s geolocation and always know exactly where they are and even what they look at on a street.


LITSLINK implemented an MPV for MySquire in a very short time. MySquire is in its closed beta test right now, and it will be launched for the public soon to have a great impact on the lives of travelers and service providers.

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