Chronic Illness Tracking App


Flaredown is a web and mobile application which makes it easy for people to monitor their health and manage chronic illnesses.

Chronic Illness Tracking App case study - software development company LITSLINK


Flaredown helps people to track their health effortlessly. It prompts a user to register their health condition daily and utilizes the data for building weekly reports, sending a visual health history to the user’s doctor and family. Moreover, the app advises the user on the best affordable treatment. Flaredown has an in-app community to which users can turn for support.


Flaredown’s team reached out to LITSLINK asking for help with both web and mobile app development. The client had had experience in the healthcare industry and a plan to build tech solutions that would help people find out the triggers of their chronic illnesses and the ways to treat them. Their requirements included: a) the process of health tracking should be effortless yet efficient; b) there should be interactive social media features; c) the data ought to be represented in reports that are easy to understand for both users and their physicians; d) the solution ought to comply with health tech security standards.

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LITSLINK assembled a team to build a multi-platform solution for the client (website, iOS, and Android mobile apps) with the following functionality:

  • Tracking of all conditions, symptoms and treatments in one place
  • Easy daily check-ins based on the user’s interaction history
  • Visual data comparison that helps to test treatments and find triggers
  • Community that allows the user to connect with other patients and share experiences
  • Ability to export data from the app and use it however the user wants


The app has over 7,000 active users and this number is growing by 10-15% per month.

The project was featured by the Forbes Technology Council among 7 health technologies to watch for in the future.

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