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29 Feb, 2024

AI in Customer Service: 10 Ways AI Boosts Customer Experiences

Nowadays, business owners can’t underestimate the power of Artificial Intelligence. This innovative technology has already proved its benefits for almost all popular industries, including blockchain, IT, marketing, etc. With a 19% average annual growth rate, the AI market is expected to reach over $2.5 billion by the end of 2032.

Although many ways exist to integrate artificial intelligence into a business ecosystem, companies usually use AI to enhance customer service. This is a wise decision, considering that modern customers tend to leave a brand immediately after only one poor experience.

The good news is that AI can support your organization by ensuring a personal approach to each customer as well as their total satisfaction. Read on to discover the best ways to use generative AI to please your clients during their journey through your brand’s digital world.

ai in customer service

How Can Artificial Intelligence Help Improve Customer Service?

Customer service is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of any business. Sometimes, its quality defines whether your company will stay afloat. 

With the help of AI solutions, you can boost your clients’ experience while saving money and increasing your customer support team’s efficiency. Find all the key benefits below.

24/7 availability

As a rule, the more significant your business growth, the more clients you have from all corners of the world. Thus, at some point, it’ll be impossible to please all of them with swift and useful solutions to their problems… or is it still possible?

AI technologies are commonly known due to the chatbots such as ChatGPT or Copilot. These smart assistants don’t need to rest or celebrate holidays. Furthermore, they can communicate with thousands of users simultaneously.

Integrating such a smart bot into your company’s customer support chat will be a good idea. The AI assistant can learn everything about your products and services to provide your clients with correct answers to any questions. In addition to 24/7 availability, these chatbots can collect the most crucial information about customers in real time.

AI will handle clients’ basic questions while your customer support team focuses on high-priority tasks. It’ll provide users with links to useful articles and pre-made guides that they may find helpful in overcoming their problems.

Also, if you opt for a more powerful bot, it’ll be able to analyze and manage your website’s content. For example, it’ll define the most valuable and high-performing articles. At the same time, it’ll discover the guides and texts that need rewriting to become more relevant to your customers’ needs.

ai for customer service

Instant answers

Implementing AI for customer service can please your clients when they contact your company. It significantly reduces wait time, providing users with instant answers or information. 

Also, it’s possible to implement interactive voice response in addition to your chatbot. In this case, your customers will be able to get the necessary support even via a mobile phone.

Also, AI & chatbot customer experience can unload your support team by filtering spam messages. This technology can instantly recognize irrelevant inquiries without delivering them to live operators.

Better impression on customers

No one doubts that handling customer issues is an extremely tiring process. Thus, operators sometimes forget to provide important information or simply make typos. Of course, such mistakes show the unprofessionalism of your customer support team and affect your clients’ attitudes toward your brand.

Plus, misunderstandings and errors often require a lot of time to resolve. Operators sometimes spend half a day correcting mistakes instead of focusing on more important tasks. Luckily, it’s possible to overcome this problem with the help of AI.

For instance, a virtual assistant can review the answers provided by your operators to find any misspellings or grammar mistakes. At the same time, the bot will be considering the context of your customer’s request. Moreover, AI can also provide a number of solutions an operator can use to prepare a detailed answer for a client.

Improved routing

Are you tired of going through numerous customer support operators before you reach a person qualified enough to deal with your issue? Well, your client also hates this process. Luckily, using AI to improve customer experience will ensure perfect routing of incoming customer tickets to operators with experience solving a specific problem.

The bot can also recognize the language of a message to make sure that a member of your customer support team will be able to communicate with the client. For instance, it will direct an issue from a German-speaking person to your German-speaking operator.

It’s possible to define a set of specific skills for each of your employees. AI will consider this information while deciding which operator is best for your client’s specific needs.

ai in customer support

Personalized approach

Personalization is a key to increasing your customer retention. Michael Scott (from the TV show The Office) highlighted the necessity for a company to analyze clients’ behavior and personal preferences. Also, statistics prove that loyal customers tend to spend twice as much per order compared to ordinary buyers.

AI can help you attract people by offering them a valuable personalized approach whenever they visit your website or app. Here are some impressive AI customer experience examples of famous brands:

  • Netflix. This popular streaming service uses AI to provide each subscriber with a personalized home screen. During registration, new users are asked to answer questions about their favorite movies and TV shows. AI uses the received data to suggest similar films and series.
  • Amazon. This world-known retailer has implemented AI to help its customers discover the desired items faster. The bot analyzes the client’s search history to display the most relevant results. It can also choose clothes considering each customer’s personal style preferences.

Understanding of customer needs

AI is known for its limitless analytical abilities. For instance, it can group all your customers’ issues based on their common features. Thus, your employees will see the bigger picture while getting a chance to prevent possible problems in the future. For example, your development team can discover your website or application’s technical issues and bugs.

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Smooth interaction

Often, customers become irritated when they have to repeat themselves. The good news is that a company can overcome this problem using AI in customer support. The smart assistants can quickly gather all the information about a customer to provide professional support.

You can integrate artificial intelligence into your CRM system to offer bot access to important data such as:

  • Client’s name
  • Order number
  • Date of purchase
  • Etc.

Thus, the next time a customer faces any issue, they won’t need to repeat themselves. It’ll save a lot of time and ensure your client’s total satisfaction.

Customer data analysis

AI can analyze not only customer’s purchase history but also their sentiment. That’s a sure way to prevent the risk of churn and provide them with the necessary attention on time.

Due to the natural language processing, the AI bot will pay attention to dozens of signals and keywords. If it notices any risk, a bot will automatically provide recommendations to retain client loyalty.

using ai to improve customer experience

Increase of sales

AI technology may be used to automatically notify customers about your brand’s new services, products, or discounts. Also, it’s a great way to provide clients with information that encourages them to buy more.

Additionally, when a customer asks about your company’s software or products, the bot can persuade them to make a purchase. It’ll use the available data about clients to offer them specific promotions and highlight the most important features.

Boost of employee efficiency

Customer support operators are usually overwhelmed with workloads. Thus, many of them risk suffering from burnout. Stressed operators are more likely to make mistakes while communicating with clients.

Artificial intelligence can greatly reduce the workloads of your customer support team. Thanks to smart chatbots and IVR systems, your employees will spend less time answering monotonous questions. It will give them a chance to deal with the most important issues and even take breaks during work hours.

How AI Is Improving Customer Services Across Industries

All the mentioned benefits may be used by companies from any field that offers their services. Here are some examples of what industries use artificial intelligence to boost customer experience:

  • e-Commerce. AI-powered search systems can totally transform online shopping. Smart assistants can help customers make wise decisions based on their preferences and search history.
  • Travel. Customer support is vital in the travel and hospitality industries. AI can offer personalized suggestions to travelers considering the reviews of other clients, individual preferences, current events, etc.
  • Finance. The banking sector constantly faces various challenges. Thus, customer support services in this industry should deal with dynamic issues 24/7. The companies in this sector deal with many customer inquiries related to fraud, transactions, credits, etc. Luckily, a robust chatbot can easily reduce the flow of these issues.

Examples of AI in Customer Service

Are you still having trouble imagining how AI can improve customer experience and boost your business processes? Then, you should undoubtedly get acquainted with the examples below:

  • Unity. This platform managed to reduce the flow of incoming issues by 8,000 queries per year by implementing an AI-powered bot. Thus, the company saved nearly $1.3 million. The upgrade also boosted the response time by 83%, while the CSAT score rose to 93%.
  • Coda Payments. This payment service used a smart chatbot to deal with simple questions and spam messages. Thanks to it, the company’s customer support operators increased their efficiency by 85%, while the CSAT score has reached 90%.
  • KFC. This well-known brand has gone even further. In collaboration with Baidu, it developed an AI designed with facial recognition technology. Due to this, the assistant could predict what a customer would like to order.


Artificial intelligence is an amazing technology you can use to boost both your client’s experience and the customer service team’s efficiency. However, the use of AI in customer service requires a lot of professional skills. Thus, you should find a reliable software development team to get the best results.

The experts from LITSLINK will do their best to improve your customer satisfaction. With the latest technologies, your business will help your customer support team unleash its full potential.

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