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GPT-3: Everything You Need to Know About a New AI Rockstar

From optimizing processes like marketing and sales to automating repetitive tasks, AI is capable of acting on its own and performing like a human. 

AI is also good at creating content with a language structure. But what about an AI-powered language model that can write fiction stories and code, translate long texts, offer relevant semantic search, and classify named entities into categories?

GPT-3 is a new breakthrough in the AI world that can perform reading and writing tasks at a near-human level. In this piece, we have come up with the basics of this language model, expanded on some of its core challenges, and outlined the most significant GPT-3 examples to know in 2022. 

What Is GPT-3 All About?

GPT-3 is the latest version of Generative Pre-Trained language models that is capable of more than just completing simple sentences. OpenAI presented GPT-3 in 2020 and enabled developers to use a beta API and try the model out. That’s how GPT-3 became a tremendous hit in the AI world overnight. 

With 175 billion parameters, the model was trained in an unsupervised way. After analyzing 570GB of text data, it can write both fiction stories and code, answer questions, summarize texts, and make translations. 

What does GPT-3 mean

GPT-3 is especially good at writing news articles, making it challenging to distinguish them from human-made texts. What’s more, there is also a demo showing how GPT-3 creates an Instagram-like app using a Figma plugin for app design. 

After such immense success, this trend spread across the globe. From Chinese PanGu with 200 billion parameters to Gopher with 280 billion parameters launched by DeepMind, these models have become the new forefront of competition among tech giants and progressive industries. 

How Does GPT-3 Work and Where to Use It?

Being an unsupervised learner, GPT-3 gathers all the information about languages from lots of unlabeled data. 

With supervised learning, models understand how languages work by processing labeled data sets that include inputs and desired outputs. Unsupervised learning makes models analyze unstructured data and find the right outputs themselves. 

Since the training data doesn’t contain any desired answers, GPT-3 has to predict the right answer based on other worlds in the text. Instead of studying just the words and their definitions, GPT-3 understands the usage of every word within the context of a certain text. 

What is GPT-3

GPT-3 can also write code according to a simple text description. For instance, if you want to create a heart-shaped “Contact Us” button, just explain your requirements using a basic text and GPT-3 will handle it for you. 

This language model can be a huge help to simplify the development process. It can classify extensive datasets of images into categories and perform simple design tasks, allowing specialists to focus on more strategic activities. 

Besides creative writing and software development, GPT-3 can help industries like marketing and e-commerce reach essential business goals. Have a look at how GPT-3 can help users perform numerous tasks:

  • Concise Resumes

This language model is a lifesaver for jobseekers as it can create informative and concise resumes for successful job interviews. You just have to provide basic information like your education, experience, and skills. Then, GPT-3 will structure your data into a relevant and easy-to-read resume. 

GPT-3 text generator

  • Enhanced Customer Service 

GPT-3 enables business owners to analyze thousands of customer feedback and get valuable insights. You can classify feedback into multiple categories and find relevant information in surveys and reviews. It allows companies to transform data into valuable insights and understand what their customers really want.

  • Challenging Quizzes

If you want to create challenging and engaging quizzes, you can save hours of work and hassle with GPT-3 text generator. Besides generating quizzes on various topics, the language model can also provide users with a detailed explanation of the right answers. 

  • Effective Marketing Emails

Want to inform your customers about a new offering but your marketing emails end up in spam folders? GPT-3 content generator can create niche-specific emails based on your customers’ job positions, interests, and buying behavior. 

GPT-3 copywriting

  • Multilingual Chatbots

Chatbots can simulate natural conversations to help customers place their orders without any human help, make your brand available 24/7, and let employees perform more important tasks. With GPT-3 chatbots, you can make your customer service multilingual to reach new markets and expand your revenue streams. 

Some Challenges of GPT-3

GPT-3 is an impressive tool but every language model has its own limitations. Here are the core challenges of GPT-3:

  • High Cost

GPT-3 requires a lot of computing power to perform such tasks as writing code and creating complex texts. As a result, small businesses and startups can’t benefit from this language model to drive growth. 

  • Output Errors

Such a language model is a great tool to create short texts and perform simple coding tasks. When it has to produce something more complex, the machine’s output errors become more frequent. 

You can use GPT-3 to generate a story or ask it to create a multi-colored “Subscribe” button, but this language model won’t provide you with a huge text or a sophisticated app to conquer the market. 

  • Lack of Long-Term Memory

GPT-3 doesn’t learn new things from long-term interactions. Having a context window with 2000 words per request, the length of the text this model can create is limited to about four pages. You can add new requests, but GPT-3 won’t remember the context of the previous ones. 

  • Low Inference Time 

GPT-3 is a huge language model, so it needs more time to analyze texts, understand the context, and come up with the most accurate predictions. 

These challenges are expected to be addressed and resolved over time. Once the language model becomes more affordable and algorithms are trained to handle huge volumes of data, GPT-3 will be a great help to businesses of all sizes. 

OpenAI GPT-3

Top 3 GPT-3 Use Cases to Know

  • is a powerful tool for marketing specialists. GPT-3 technology makes A/B testing much easier by allowing users to create multiple options of a title, copy, and CTA and test them for better performance. You can integrate this tool using a snippet of JavaScript code or a WordPress plugin. After the 10-minute set-up, the tool will analyze all the variations and come up with the best ones to show to your audience boosting your conversion rate.


  • Viable helps businesses use qualitative analysis based on their customer feedback data. This tool analyzes your customers’ feedback and presents it in detailed reports to let you find meaningful insights in reviews, surveys, and online chat logs. GPT-3 technology can also classify feedback into categories like questions, complaints, and requests. You can look through different markets and customer segments to help you detect the areas for improvement and make decisions faster. Viable is also an amazing tool to analyze your marketing campaigns and strategies to identify what is relevant for your audience now.


  • MessageBird helps companies talk to their clients over the most suitable channels. From marketing messages and delivery progress to bookings and appointments, this tool enhances every interaction during the customer journey. Using AI-powered chatbots and GPT-3 technologies for predictive text, you can show your customers the personal care they need and make them feel valued. MessageBird offers an extensive range of channels for customer support, from WhatsApp and Messenger to Instagram and WeChat.

GPT-3 examples

Wrapping Up

With such a wide range of industries to use GPT-3, this language model looks like a step forward. Our software development agency has an extensive pool of developers with deep expertise in AI. From data science to computer vision, we provide top-notch artificial intelligence services for numerous industries. 

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