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12 Apr, 2024

What is Private GPT and How Do Businesses Benefit from its Superpower?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools now cover multiple business processes, and publicly available Large Language Models (LLMs) are transforming the company’s routine work and how we live.

While there are dozens of benefits of available LLMs like GPT-3 and GPT-4, serious data privacy implications exist. When using public LLMs, an organization’s important data, like business protocols, documents, and working algorithms, is processed by third-party systems, exposing it to potential security breaches. 

Is there a solution to cope with a data breach? Yes, there is. And it is called Private GPT. Now, businesses can rest assured their technology and documents are protected. 

This blog post will provide a general overview of Private GPT, its potential, installation, best practices, and benefits.

what is private gpt

Understanding Private GPT: Why Does it Win Over Public ChatGPT?

No matter how much we love asking Chat GPT to generate amazing and even useful information and content for dealing with documents, businesses turn to trusted private settings and applications.

When utilizing ChatGPT from public websites, the conversational prompts pass through OpenAI’s servers, raising concerns about data protection and confidentiality. On the contrary, Private GPT, launched by Private AI in 2023, is designed for commercial use and offers greater flexibility and control over the model’s behavior. 

So, what is a Private GPT?

Private GPT is a new LLM that provides access to the GPT-3 and advanced GPT-4 technology in a dedicated environment, enabling organizations and developers to leverage its capabilities in more specialized ways.

This distinction prompts businesses to opt for Private GPT, as it aligns better with their requirements and allows for customization to suit specific needs.

Furthermore, Private GPT’s adaptability surpasses that of ChatGPT in terms of project management and integration into existing workflows. Organizations often work on intricate projects that require seamless collaboration among team members. 

Private GPT:

  • Facilitates the coordination of tasks;
  • Works with all text formats, including Word, PDF, and CSV;
  • Allows for team-wide visibility;
  • Streamlines the entire project lifecycle. 

This integration into existing workflows makes it a more desirable option for businesses seeking efficient and well-coordinated language models.

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How Private GPT Works? 

Private GPT operates on the principles of machine learning and natural language processing and acts as an additional layer between user and data security. 

Key techniques include:

  • De-identification – involves removing or encrypting personally identifiable information from the input text.

When a user interacts with a private GPT model, the system ensures that any sensitive information within the input text, such as names, addresses, user profiles, or specific phrases, is masked to block data leakage. This level of protection is crucial for legal documents, medical records, social network data, or corporate communications.

  • Prompt engineering

This technique is based on a specific number of instructions or word/phrase queries to guide the model’s text generation process. By tailoring prompts, it becomes possible to influence the output of private GPT models to suit further requirements.

how private gpt works

Private GPT Instances

Because of the rapid AI technology boom, multiple private AI assistants are available to be used with a scripting language. Some include AidaMask, Microsoft Azure Private ChatGPT, and other private AI assistants based on the GPT-4 model are available for a certain price.

Private GPT for Business and Its Regulatory Compliance 

Now, when the power of a Private GPT is unleashed, let’s see how it works within the business model.

Private GPT can be installed in an organization’s internal software, granting users (namely, employees) exclusive access to its capabilities while keeping data within the confines of the organization. This level of privacy and control is highly appealing, especially for businesses that handle sensitive information or adhere to strict regulations.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of Private GPT:

  • Enhanced Security

With the focus on privacy and processing inner documentation to answer prompts and generate content, Private GPT keeps the data decentralized. The user interface, along with the processed documentation, remains confidential. Additionally, private GPT models incorporate redacted information to remove sensitive data from the output text, enhancing security.

  • Personalized Business AI Assistant

All Private GPT models are trained within the company’s software based on the industry workflow, documents, and guidelines. After being trained multiple times, GPT understands current business preferences, resulting in accurate responses.

  • Highly Applicable

Private GPT is applicable to different industries and can be trained to suit multiple business models. From IT, mobile app development, healthcare, and content creation, Private GPT allows for comprehensive customization and broad algorithm training. 

  • Access Control

By enforcing strict access controls, businesses can prevent unauthorized access to trained models and protect confidential information from misuse or leakage.

  • Doesn’t Require API Keys

Unlike the other large language models that usually require an API key or a paid subscription, Private GPT can be used for free without additional costs. 

Apart from Private GPT’s potential in training and high computer security, this GPT model aligns with the General Data Protection Regulation and ensures users can use artificial intelligence within their business devices, adhering to all legal requirements. That’s a big “plus” to your business!

private gpt model

How to Install Private GPT

If you are already thrilled with the idea of implementing a private generative AI assistant at your company or for personal business projects, we will briefly explain the required computing settings and how to install a Private GPT on the Windows system.

Before the Private GPT setup, check whether your PC has Python 3.10 or a later version. 

  1. Installing a Miniconda for Windows

The Miniconda helps to create a proper environment to work with Private GPT. Follow the installation wizard, and after the setup is complete, open the application and run it as the Administrator. 

  1. Creating an Environment

In the Prompt window, create a new environment by typing a command: {conda create – – name privateGPT}. Type Y and hit Enter. Next, activate the new environment by running a command: {conda activate privateGPT}.

  1. Downloading a Git from the GitHub website

Clone the Git repository from GitHub: git clone <repository_URL>. Next, navigate to the Private GPT folder. Install the Poetry Manager and run Poetry commands in the command prompt.

  1. Preparing an Application

Convert the setup directory to the Python package and run the command to prepare for the setup process. Set the profile to “local” and run the command: set pgp_profiles=local. 

Although there are only a few steps to follow, we recommend watching a Private GPT tutorial from Simplify AI developer regarding the complete setup and navigation for users with less technical skills.

use cases of private gpt

Best Practices and Use Cases of Private GPT: Does it Suit My Business?

To wrap it up, let’s check out the most common use cases of Private GPT and discover the current best practices

Private GPT has different use cases within large or small businesses, yet most use cases involve document creation and processing. 

  • Customer Support

When the customer support department has hundreds of inquiries daily, employing AI facilities without data leakage can significantly enhance employee productivity. 

  • Translation and Localization 

A private AI assistant can be trained on existing translated documents and glossaries to provide accurate and contextually relevant translations in the future.

  • E-Commerce

A new LLM model generates product descriptions, personalized recommendations, and automated responses to ease the workflow of product and customer service managers.

  • Healthcare Documents

Private GPT models are utilized for medical documentation, enabling healthcare professionals to process patient information faster and scan previous prescriptions. Moreover, user profiles won’t be visible to the public.

  • Legal Industry

By processing legal documents with precision and confidentiality, private GPT assists legal professionals in managing large volumes of words and definitions.

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While private GPT models offer robust privacy features, businesses may explore Private GPT alternative methods to secure text processing. By using SQL queries to interact with databases and perform text-related operations, businesses can maintain data security and privacy in text-processing tasks. Another alternative to private GPT is using programming languages with built-in privacy features.

Real-world examples of private GPT implementations showcase the diverse applications of secure text processing across industries:

  • In the financial sector, private GPT models are utilized for text-based fraud detection and analysis;
  • In the legal sector, private GPT models are employed for contract analysis and redaction, automating the review process and enhancing legal document management.

Overall, this framework is considered the best private GPT version in terms of cost-result ratio. But you can always discover more AI tools to work with images, content generation, and more. 

Wrapping Up

Determining whether private GPT is suitable for your business depends on factors such as the nature of your product or service, the need for secure text processing, and the level of data privacy required. If your business deals with sensitive content, requires accurate access control, and values data security, Private GPT can be your next best practice.

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