Top 10 Important Coding Languages in 2020

As of now, there are numerous programming languages in the technology industry, with several new offers hitting the market each month. At the same time, many of them are old, but still make their presence felt strongly due to certain qualities which help them triumph over changes in time. There are yet others that have remained dormant for a while and have re-entered the scene with full vigor. Whether you are a newbie about to embark upon a software development career, an experienced professional, or anyone related to the IT industry for that matter, especially the software development sector, you must have adequate information about these languages. There are the top ten coding languages of today listed below.

#1 JavaScript

JavaScript is at the top of the most popular programming languages in 2020. It is broadly used in front-end development, which means that the language at play is perfect for the development of user interfaces. It is also a vital coding tool in web development which “decides” what happens backstage when you click your mouse or tap on your touch-screen. 

Since there is hardly any digital device without a monitor today, the value of user-friendly, efficient, and intuitive UIs that JavaScript facilitates is enormous.It makes JS one of the most desired programming languages for every industry. It also has provisions to support back-end development. Thus, JavaScript development is one of the highly paid jobs around the world.

Most popular coding languages - JavaScript coding language | LitsLink Blog

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#2 Python

Today, Python is considered to be the best language to learn for programming jobs. There are several sufficient reasons for this. Python has an amazing combination of the best features any programming language can possess. For a beginner, it is extremely simple to learn and also versatile, that is why you can do almost any kind of programming without  external tools. Python is also qualified as an all-purpose language. What’s more, it is widely used for the development of state-of-the-art technologies such as data analytics and machine learning.

Top 10 coding languages 2020 - Python coding language | LitsLink Blog

#3 Java

Java is among the most used programming languages. It is also an object-oriented programming (OOP) language with self-containing features. For the last two decades, it has been with the technology industry through thick and thin, consistently proving itself to be one of the indispensable languages around. Its cross-platform compatibility is one of its many strengths. Java is also the basis of all Android applications. In fact, with the rise in mobile development, it substantiated its position among the most widely used programming languages. Thus, software development in Java is a perfect choice for back-end purposes.

Most widely used programming languages - Java coding language | LitsLink Blog

#4 PHP

Originally some PHP features like the built-in library used to have inconsistencies. Nevertheless, many standardizations and additions along the way have made it one of the most useful programming languages for web development. PHP is a general-purpose coding tool that can be used in conjunction with various web templates and frameworks or embedded in an HTML code. The object-oriented programming capability was incorporated in PHP3, which made PHP far easier for programmers in their work.

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Top 10 coding languages - PHP coding language | LitsLink Blog

#5 C++

C++ may be used as a general-purpose coding language and is one of the most common programming tools. It is a comparatively old language. However, it received an exceptional boost with increased usage of smartphones. C++ was meant to be an extension of the programming language C with many advanced features. But because of its versatility, it became a separate language, which can be used for varied applications such as developing user interfaces or creating games. C++ also constitutes the foundation for software of such corporate giants as Microsoft and its Windowsand Google with its browser Chrome. 

Top 10 popular programming languages - C++ coding language | LitsLink Blog

#6 C#

Pronounced as ‘C Sharp’, C# is a multi-paradigm, object-oriented language developed by Microsoft for its .NET framework. It is a robust and flexible tool used for general-purpose coding. C# makes use of declarative attributes and aids in component-oriented programming. It is also widely used in web development.  

Along with several other languages, C# has also inspired Apple to create Swift. It was meant to be a substitute for Java and is used for the coding of Apple iOS apps in combination with Xamarin, which has cross-platform functionality. As proper ‘versioning’ is incorporated into the C# design, its library has been smoothly evolving over the years without causing a disruption.

Top 10 programming languages 2020 - C# coding language | LitsLink Blog

#7 Swift

Being comparatively recent language, Swift has already gained popularity. It is mostly used to develop applications for Apple devices. As an improvement to Objective-C used for Apple apps earlier, it eases many difficulties developers had to face with Objective-C. Swift is a compiled coding tool working seamlessly together with Cocoa and Cocoa Touch for developing apps for macOS and iOS respectively. Most recently, Swift UI has been announced, enabling a declarative structure design for user interfaces across different platforms.

Top 10 programming languages in 2020 - Swift coding language | LitsLink Blog

#8 TypeScript

Typescript is an open-source language developed by Microsoft. With its gradual growth, it has managed to enter the group of the best programming languages for web development. 

TypeScript resembles JavaScript in many aspects, though being specifically meant for large-scale development. Syntactically as well as semantically, it could be considered a superset of JavaScript, which is, in fact, another name for ECMAScript. Every JavaScript program is also a TypeScript program, and Typescript can easily reuse the JavaScript code. TypeScript makes use of the same JavaScript code, libraries, and resources. It also compiles to the clean JavaScript code, working with any framework compatible with JavaScript.

Top 10 coding languages 2020 - TypeScript coding language | LitsLink Blog

#9 Ruby

Matsumoto from Japan is the creator of a high-level language called Ruby. He wanted programming to be enjoyable and at the same time productive, thus focusing more on human needs rather than those of the computer. As a result, Ruby emerged as a simple and easy tool for beginners to learn. It is an object-oriented, dynamically typed language. Every value in it is treated as an object. Renowned platforms like GitHub and SoundCloud are built on Ruby on Rails, an important Ruby-based framework.

Top 10 coding languages - Ruby coding language | LitsLink Blog

#10 C

C occupies its well-deserved place in the list of commonly used programming languages. It is among the oldest too. It is a tool used for a wide range of applications which supports the concept of structured programming and is versatile enough to be used in a wide variety of applications. C is at the last position in this list not because of its lack of importance, but that it has been replaced with many of its offshoots such as C++, C#, and Java. They have all either been built upon it or heavily borrowed from it.

Most popular coding languages - C coding language | LitsLink Blog

From the list of the most widely used programming languages, it is clear that the top tools will become the ones with versatile capabilities and convenience of use. Developers are always on the lookout for the most useful coding tools that meet their needs and can be successfully applied in a variety of projects. The ones that fall behind the pace of the modern world are easily wiped out, while some of the older, yet indispensable ones, get modified into newer languages with extended functionality. 

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