Top Programming Languages Used by Coders in 2018

It is impossible to imagine modern life without the Internet, millions of websites, and a great variety of software. The humanity’s demand for digital products is growing and getting more diverse; so are special tools with the help of which all these things are created - programming languages and coding environments. The sphere of programming is still growing at a rapid rate and will do it for many years to come. Therefore, all programmers and web developers always have many new things to learn in this field.

Top 10 Most Popular Programming Languages in 2018

Today many different software languages are used in web development, creation of different applications and sites. Therefore, different languages can be considered popular from the point of view of how well they satisfy various needs and purposes. Some languages are considered basic and universal, so their popularity does not change among developers. Other languages emerge from year to year to meet specific programming and coding demands, Here are ten most popular computer languages according to the TIOBE Index:      

    1. Java

Java, as a programming language, was created in the middle of the 1990s, and has been considered a popular tool since that time. Today, Java is one of two most common programing languages in the world. Therefore, if you or your children dream about becoming a programmer, Java is a necessary thing to learn. The popularity of Java is based on a great number of users programming with its help, its portability, and its scalability that makes it ideal for different needs.

    2. C

С is the second most useful programming language in the world. Moreover, С is one of the oldest computer languages. It was adopted and used for creation of various programs in such well-known companies as Microsoft, Linux, Oracle, and Apple. С is considered a universal programming language due to its short runtime and nice portability.

    3. C++

C++ is a special kind of С that gets a new lease on life today. Although C++ is considered a forgotten computer language, modern industry resurrects it for needs of VR programming. For example, algorithms created with the help of C++ are used in VR stuff, Oculus Rift and other virtual machines.

    4. Python

Although Python was not so popular 15 years ago, today it flourishes. The cause of such great popularity is obvious for experienced programmers and web developers: too many relatively new and promising technologies are based on it. For example, machine learning, artificial intelligence, Big Data, and Robotics are driven by it.

    5. C#

C# is a very versatile language that can be used on many different platforms. Such high portability and compatibility makes it very popular today. It can be used for Android, iOS, Linux, and Mac accordingly. Hence, its popularity is reasonable.

    6. JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most favorite languages among programmers from all over the world. It is obvious because JavaScript is considered the best language for web development because of an ability to add interesting interactive effects to web pages. Therefore, it is and will be very popular as long as the Internet exists, and as long as animation in the Web is popular. .

    7. VB.NET

Visual Basic.NET is still regarded as one of the best programming languages to create different applications for Microsoft. Therefore, its popularity among developers is doubtless. In addition, it is even used as an introductory programming language in many schools and universities. In this case, it is obvious that this programming language will be popular for many years.

    8. R

R is a programming language that is very nice to use in data analysis. In such a situation, it is a very good rival for Python and other languages used for Big Data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. However, it is much easier than Python itself; therefore, the growth of its popularity is reasonable over the past years.

    9. PHP

Although PHP is quite a clunky language according to many programmers, it is still popular. For example, WordPress, as the most popular web developing platform, is based solely on PHP. Therefore, its popularity is indisputable. Such big companies as Twitter and Facebook started this very language out for their needs.  

   10. MATLAB

MATLAB is incredibly popular among computer programmers today. However, what are the secrets of such great popularity? The very first reason is that MATLAB is the best choice for excellent graphics you have ever seen. Although it is easier to program graphics in C++, for example, the results are better with MATLAB. In addition, MATLAB is considered a rather simple language for use for academic needs. Therefore, it is so popular to be on this list.  

These are the indisputable leaders among software languages for this year. However, the sphere of programing is changing every day; therefore, a good programmer should not stop on most popular tools only. It is necessary to keep a finger on the pulse, if you want to be a highly-demanded app developer or web programmer, so stay tuned to market changes and monitor the emergence of new programming languages.


Top Programming Languages to Learn in 2018

Even the best programming language may change, and experienced programmers know this very well. In addition, many new languages emerge and grow in popularity if they would meet some specific requirements. Therefore, each professional polishes his/her skills permanently, and to be in trend this year, here are the most used programing languages to learn in 2018:


If you are used to programming for Android and are looking for some new tools and approaches to this system, Kotlin is up to you to learn. It is supported in Android Studio, and is considered the best language for developing new Android app.   


It is a relatively new software language used for iOS programming predominantly. While Apple looks for some new ways to develop the company, SWIFT works perfect for creation of its new applications. Therefore, knowledge of this language may be very useful for iOS programmers.  


Although not so many companies use Rust as a basic language for programming, this software language is worth learning, especially if you are not a beginner in this industry. It has much in common with Ruby and Ruby on Rails.


Go is not so widespread in programming today. However, this language is worth learning even if it is a relatively new one because of its very high migration level. Therefore, this language has many opportunities for adaptation and possesses many perspectives.   


Ruby is a programming language used in many nice startups in the tech industry such as Twitch, GitHub, Twitter, and others. Moreover, Ruby is considered a software language with very simple syntax. Therefore, it would be very easy for an experienced developer to master it.

The sphere of programming is growing rapidly, and such work always needs a lot of desire to learn something new to be able to keep up with all current and future trends. Keep abreast of programming language changes and evolution to remain a demanded specialist or to enter the programming job market successfully.


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