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Gyms Booking App case study - software development company LITSLINK


The app was developed for both iOS and Android devices. The sports app helps users easily locate nearby gyms and fitness studios that provide daily or monthly pass options with the best price guaranteed no contracts, no administrator, no induction, and can be canceled any time.



The customer was aiming to enable their clients - gyms and studios across the country - attract new people to a healthy lifestyle with the help of smartphones. To achieve this goal, the company needed to develop multifunctional mobile-based apps for the iOS and Android platforms. As a company experienced in cross-platform mobile app development and software product design services, LITSLINK team was to implement cutting-edge technology features:

  • Detailed user profiles with an integrated payment system
  • Search functions to let users select gyms according to their current location, sports goals, best price guaranteed, etc
  • User-friendly interface


LITLINK’s mobile app software engineers and designers were tasked with the iOS and Android cross-platform app development. The company engaged lead software engineers who had a deep knowledge and understanding of cross-platform and component-oriented development.

As a result, we developed an easy-to-use multifunctional mobile application to provide their clients with rich information, helpful displaying and searching functionality. The app includes a variety of useful options, such as:

  • Flexible gym access to suit modern life
  • Fast and easy to use booking gym system
  • Daily and monthly pass options
  • Integration of geolocation map: displaying the nearest gyms, fitness studios, or sports pools on the map
  • Search option for the best price offers
  • Customer support to address any questions that may arise

LITSLINK team developed many of the application interface elements while complying with the Google Play Store main requirements for Android-based applications.


LITSLINK managed to successfully deliver one of the most popular mobile applications for improving daily life. The project resulted in the stably growing number of happy active users. The gyms booking is available through the developed application range from corporate-style with modern equipment to old-school bodybuilding.

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