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BYD (Brighten Your Day)

Social Media App

What is?

BYD or Brighten Your Day is a brand-new social media application that provides you with encouraging content. In a world where bad news travels fast, when it’s almost impossible to restrict your social media feed from bad news, BYD is a unique software solution that gives you a daily dose of cheerful mood by offering good news.


An application where users see and share cheerful content must have an appropriate design. After an unsuccessful collaboration with a software development company, the creators of BYD got in touch with LITSLINK to help them create an appealing design that will provide the app with a distinct visual identity and make it more user-friendly.


We carefully audited the mobile application to meet the challenges effectively. Our designers came up with several examples of the app’s look & feel that perfectly aligned with Brighten Your Day’s brand. As a result, we provided
a brand-new design of the social media application, prepared it for the launch on Apple Store and Google Play, and created a landing page for promotion.


The new app will help users stay on the bright side by providing encouraging content that evokes positive emotions.

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