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People Counter

Software solution for real-time people counting

What is?

People Counter is software that allows businesses with physical spaces to track their visitors. It monitors in real time how many people enter or leave retail stores, offices and other buildings.



Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, it’s necessary to limit the number of people indoors. To solve this problem, the client asked us to develop an app that:

  • recognizes people and distinguishes them from other objects
  • determines whether people are keeping a safe distance
  • can count how many people enter a place


As a result, LITSLINK’s developers have come out with an automatic counter app that:

  • can recognize multiple objects in real time;
  • uses deep-learning algorithms to automatically detect people entering or leaving a location;
  • automatically estimates the distance between people;
  • performs fully automatic counting operations;
  • works 24/7 without human intervention.


Why People Counter is important: 

  • Automatic counters reduce errors caused by the human factor from 28% to 3%;
  • It takes over automated routine manual tasks that were previously done by humans;
  • It helps maintain social distance for the benefit of people;
  • Businesses can track the exact number of visitors allowed in a location; 
  • It can save lives and businesses.

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