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People Counter case study - software development company LITSLINK
What is
What is?

People counter is a software product that allows businesses with physical spaces to keep track of their visitors. It monitors people who enter or exit bricks-and-mortar outlets, offices, and other buildings in real-time.


As governments advise businesses to restrict the number of people in crowded places, many retailers are limiting the number of people who can shop at one time during coronavirus. Thus, large and small retailers around the world need to count their visitors to ensure a safe distance between them to prevent the spreading of COVID-19.


LITSLINK has created a real-time multiple-object detection product that assists the client in facing the challenge. Deep learning algorithms help automatically detect people who enter or exit a location.

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This software comes in handy in the times of world pandemics when social distancing is of paramount importance. It can save lives and businesses alike. People counter monitors people going in or out of a building, which helps companies keep an eye on an exact number of visitors allowed in a location.

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