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All Quiet

A simple and rock-solid incident management app for Android and iOS


All Quiet is a reliable incident management application with everything your team might need: on-call schedules, rotations, vacations, push notifications, SMS, voice calls, and more. It allows your team to enjoy time off without constantly checking their messengers. Instead, the app will alarm them if something serious happens.


When the client approached us, their app had already launched and garnered some success. The team wanted us to improve their design and functionality on both Android and iOS. They had some specific features in mind and gave us the green light to look for other improvements that could benefit their application.


To meet our client's requirements, we assembled a team that made significant adjustments to their app. We finished the project in 1.5 months. Here is what we did:

  • Improved architecture. We revised the app’s architecture and implemented best application development practices.
  • Actionable push notifications. All incidents now have buttons to resolve, unresolve, comment, and escalate to higher groups, even on the lock screen.
  • Warning and confirmation. All buttons now have warnings and confirmation to ensure there are no accidental clicks.
  • Account integration. Members can now log in via their Google, Microsoft, and Apple accounts.
  • Overriding. The app can now override the silent (iOS) and Do Not Disturb (Android) modes.
  • More options. We added another screen for changing certain settings.


An already great app became even better thanks to our intervention. All Quiet now boasts a robust notification system that makes it even easier to manage incidents. As a result, users can rest better during their time off without worrying about missing a critical message.

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