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Smart Social Network App for Dating

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LITSLINK developed a smart social network for dating that helps find perfect matches partners via intelligent algorithm search.


Smart social network app is the best online dating social network that uses intelligent algorithms to search for partner matches. This app, which is an iOS–based application, aims to let you schedule new dates, and establish long-term relationships in your search area


The customer chose LITSLINK, an experienced iOS app development company, to deliver the right mobile solution. An important part of the challenge was to create an intelligent algorithm that would indicate the most relevant dating matches to its user. The list of the basic features LITSLINK implemented for the dating app included:

  • sign-up/login reports
  • management of user profiles and finding preferences
  • online chat features
  • push notifications
  • geolocation
  • registration through social media

The solution helped people communicate with each other in an enjoyable way.


Seasoned software engineers from LITSLINK know how to make a dating app with advanced matching algorithms. They created an iOS app that allows its users to find potential dates in the area nearest to them. The company’s team used software technology for integrating data with the JSON protocol and implemented a highly intelligent automated search engine. This algorithm analyzes users’ profiles by employing the same application nearby, making it possible to find the most compatible matches.

An intelligent algorithm computes the similarity percentage, while the percentage of proximity is shown right on the device’s display panel with rich communication features. LITSLINK designers created a comfortable and user-friendly chat interface that makes communication very easy and enjoyable. The company has also customized UIKit frameworks to provide compelling UI and integrated the application with Google location-based search.


The solution provides iOS users with a smart-rule search for other participants of this dating network application depending on the criteria entered. The app integrates notification features for the criteria of matches found nearby. The solution has multiple chat communication options allowing people to benefit from additional features. The project has resulted in a growing number of happy dating app users.

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