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Web Application for Solar Energy Management

It is a modern and highly professional website template for green energy production and innovative technology and research.

What is Younergy?

Younergy is an eco-friendly system that seamlessly integrates into your home, providing clean and renewable solar energy. The company offers a hassle-free solution for enterprises, as well as individual installers, EPCs and PV distributors. A convenient web app is designed to make solar energy accessible to all users from various backgrounds.


LITSLINK is a software development partner that provides a full range of services, including custom web development. We don’t just develop quality solutions; we carefully analyze your idea and advise on the best way to implement it.

Younergy reached out to us with a request to develop a user-friendly application for their clients. This product had to enable users to manage their system quickly and conveniently from a single dashboard. In such a way, being far from their homes, installers could keep track of all activities, including consumption, import, export and generation of solar energy.


After a thorough analysis of the idea, LITSLINK team came up with a web solution that perfectly met the client’s requirements.

Our software engineers, together with product designers, came up with a revolutionary design of a web application that allows users to manage energy generation and distribution in several clicks. Installers don’t have to worry about administrative costs, setting, construction and other details. Younergy lets users get rid of all the hassle, providing them with an innovative and cost-effective energy source.

Together with the client’s team, LITSLINK specialists developed a multi-functional web app to suit installers’ needs. We were working on the front-end side to create a user-friendly interface that would help the client to stand out on the European app development market.


Younergy is an important Swiss project that stands at the forefront of the CleanTech field. The web application developed by LITSLINK top experts promotes the use of renewable energy sources and makes them affordable to both individual users and businesses of all sizes. The project got considerable media coverage and was highlighted in such reputable sources as 24Heures and Der Bund.

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