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The largest athletic merchandise and video engagement platform for sports fans, where everyone can find merchandise, live streaming events, and training videos with local and world-known athletes.

What is?

Champions is a web and mobile app, where every sport lover can buy merchandise from their favorite athletes.

Besides merch, Champions also provides a variety of video content from popular athletes including practice drills and greeting cards. The company’s mission is to help athletes share their content online and also create their own merchandise. It’s especially relevant for local athletes who don’t have so many opportunities compared to global ones.


Champions came to us with an idea to create and sell merch for middle-segment sportsmen. Thus, our task was to find an optimal tech solution for e-commerce. After we did that, our team also added a live streaming feature. Since streaming services need constant support, it was a real challenge to our team to create one.

We have helped the client to distill his vision on this project and direct it to the right course. Together with the client, our Business Analyst elaborated requirements, and we made an estimate based on it.


Among the myriad of startup ideas, there are true diamonds. But they often stay unpolished. LITSLINK helps businesses to polish their ideas and visions and guide their product till the successful launch.

After Champions came to us with their idea, it became clear that they needed a potent tech solution to achieve their goals. Therefore, we created a website and mobile app.

LITSLINK started with building a website.We decided to use React JS, Node.js, and GraphQL since these technologies are especially good for creating robust and reliable websites.

Then, utilizing our solid expertise in React Native we built a cross-platform mobile app.

As a result, LITSLINK created two cost-effective platforms with intuitive UI that allow users to buy merch from their favorite athletes. After launching the MVP, it’s become clear the business model fits the startup well.

Since the solution, LITSLINK has been working on updates to engage more and more users. The mobile and web apps have been growing since then, providing a positive return on ROI.



Champions successfully simplified merch production for middle-segment sportsmen. As a result, athletes can use the platform to connect with their fans and promote their merch among mass audiences.

Besides, thanks to tight collaboration between LITSLINK and Champions, conducting streaming events and building communities becomes.

We’ve created a platform where everyone can buy merch and enjoy high-quality content from their favorite athletes. We are proud of helping sports fans and athletes get closer.

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