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Manage all your travel needs from one single app. When you need help, just open the app and request to receive the Travel Guides, Business Assistants, Shopping Consultants or Translators services. Contact and hire local people online as your personal assistants when you on business trip or vacation.


What is?

Wherever you go my Squire app is the personal audio and video Tour Guide, Business Consultant, Shopping Assistant, and Translator in your pocket, that will tell you about the most interesting attractions, museums, shops, best restaurants, and unique places in all cities around the world in real time mode.

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We had an idea of launching an online solution that would serve as a single access point for booking a personal Tour Guide, Business Consultant, Shopping Assistant, and Translator for vacation or business trip all around the world, while at the same time it will be a great opportunity for people who want to become a Guide (Squire) in any city of the World. It will really help travelers and earn money right from home.

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LITSLINK created an application for the first social network for travelers who require human touch and assistance during their trips. The social aspect of the solution leads to its spreading online as users engage local residents (Squires) to communicate and help them to find certain place. Make profile in seconds and then the solution will provide you with automatic search for nearest Squire available basing on the previously entered criteria. The app notifies if someone who matches the criteria is found nearby. Geo-positioning technology detects the user's location throughout the route and offers useful information about what's worth seeing in the neighborhood at any given moment.

The app’s functionality has the following key features:
My Squire Tour Guide.
Get a travel guide to explore the new city easier and learn about interesting places. After the guide accepts the tour request, the tour mode starts. The marker shows the traveler's location and changes dynamically. Guide becomes unavailable on the map for seeing and ordering by other travelers. In the service mode traveler can communicate with a guide via chat or call. A traveler can see his location on the map as well as direction he is looking right now. If the traveler browses the map, the compass will appear.
My Squire Business Consultant.
Get a personal business assistant when you are on a business trip. Squire can check-in for you, interpret and translate, schedule meetings within an event and even pitch your business event. The personal local assistant could recommend you the best eating places price/quality ratio-wise and even book tables for you.
My Squire Shopping Assistant.
Use professional shopping consultant services in a new city. Тhe Squires help you find perfect gifts for holidays, birthdays and anniversaries also find the perfect present for someone special or even update your home. Plus, they can pre-shop the store saving you time and energy and more.
My Squire Translator.
Translators can help travelers with any translation they need. Languages - the guide picks the language from the list - from what to what he can translate. And he indicates the translation type (written, verbal or both).


It’s a simple solution for connecting travelers with services they need at the right time. Whether you are planning your next sightseeing trip, a museum visit or an unusual day in your hometown, My Squire is the must-have application for you! My Squire is user friendly and location-aware application. Local information and entertainments are available “on one tap”. All services are delivered remotely via the app. Semantic analysis helps to define future customer needs. The app provides an easy access to the database of tour guides, shopping and business consultants, available on the spot.