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Toolook is a unique photo & video editing service app that will take a user’s smartphone photography or video to the next level.

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Toolook works as a unique combination of marketplace and AI photo editing service app, which is available both for Android and iOS platforms.
It can be used for a variety of purposes such as creating illustrations from photos, retouching interior photos, enhancing exterior pics, adding fantasy or real objects to the photos, creating banner ads and appling AI filters in real time - everything users need for the business to boost their sales is at fingertips now.


Back in 2015, there was really no convenient app to produce custom made content for individuals and business. Our Customer - a well-established online distributor of visual effects and motion graphics software - took notice of that. He had an idea for a mobile application that supports people’s interest in photography by providing custom drawn images and video editing with the help of AI technology.



LITSLINK built a powerful AI photo editing app from scratch. A professional editing app with a scrolling gallery, correct image cropping functionalities and a variety of effects and styles to turn any picture or motion into a piece of art – this was our major challenge.
Our engineers implemented special features and buttons to make this tool user-friendly. Toolook was the first app in the world that implemented real time AI video streaming filters, and it totally blew users’ minds.
However, AI couldn’t handle all the requests, so we made a Web-based platform for professional photo editors to play their role in Toolook. With this - we could add a huge number of the most difficult effects to the app’s gallery, and users were able to order them in 2 clicks and wait while a professional handcrafts their photo and creates a real piece of art out of it.


Toolook brings users to the next level of work with images and motion, and LITSLINK is proud to be a part of its story. The app got several mln downloads on both app stores shortly after its quick launch in 2015.
As the market evolved over time, we helped our Customer to pivot the product to the new level. We created its Business Edition version, that facilitate users needs perfectly.

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