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While websites for mum have long given parents an outlet to discuss everything from breastfeeding to nappy rash, a new app such as Mush app to be a way for new mums to meet other local parents and best app to organize coffee right now or organize a meet up in the future.

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Mush is the first application for mums, helping mums everywhere to instantly become part of their local mum community. Moms users engage other moms to communicate with them what you have in common and invite people to connect message and arrange a meet-up. Hundreds of thousands of mums are using Mush to find local mum friends and make life a mum more easy and fun. Make a profile in seconds and then scroll through other nearby mums, see what you have in common and invite people to connect, message and arrange a meet-up.


Our customer is a UK startup Mush that connects mums, helping mums everywhere to instantly become part of their local mum community with the help of technical solutions. Big idea Mush was born when Katie and Sarah struck up a conversation in a rainy London playground, both with two small children. After keeping each other sane and happy in the months that followed, they realized that all mums should have access to a free and fun way to make friends nearby. They chose LITSLINK as a trusted software service provider as we demonstrated the necessary knowledge and expertise in web and mobile applications development. The application was launched in May 2016.

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LITSLINK created an application for the first local social network for making mum friends. The social aspect of the solution leads to its spreading online as moms users engage other moms to communicate with them. The app’s functionality has the following key features:
Mush Matcher. This feature analyzes profiles of mums using the same application nearby making it possible for the user to find the most suitable matches.
Mush Messaging. As the key functionality of the app is to allow users to chat with each other, our team implemented rich communication features.
Mush-ups. To implement the search engine, our team used the technology for extracting refreshed data.
Mush Places. LITSLINK’s designers created a convenient and intuitive interface that makes the search process easy and pleasant.


As a result of this cooperation on Mush app development and audience engagement, our Customer got a robust social platform for moms, which successfully promote local mum community popular by means of a powerful modern digital aspect. Now Mush is a platform to connect mums to find friends, information and support, and we are proud that 1.5 million friendships have come out of it as a result. Mush is the free way for mums to meet other, local, like-minded mum friends. Because when mums get together, this whole thing gets even better.

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Katie Massie-Taylor & Sarah Hezh, founders
Mush ltd, UK
We felt like we were working with a business partner rather than a service provider.Patient but persistent, fluent English-speaking, LITSLINK delivered all releases in time, within requirements and budget, performing thorough Quality Assurance and continuous project management.