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LITSLINK delivered a powerful application for livestock farmers that uses shared data to optimize yield, quality, and profitability. It is an application available on both mobile and web platforms.



The customer is an enterprise that supports activities for animal production. It is clear that a highly-efficient livestock industry, led by the latest technological developments, is critical to ensuring food security. The customer requested that an integrated information management software be developed for livestock farmers– a Tracking, Performance, and Marketing System. Considering the customer’s key requirements for the application for livestock farmers’ development, the main project goal was to create an effective tool for shared data to optimize yield, quality, and profitability.

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Essentially, the project objective consisted of the client’s design with a responsive, rich functionality, front-end solution communicating with web services and integrated seamlessly with the mobile app. LITSLINK’s team of software engineers, developers, a designer, a project manager, and a QA participated in the project to cover the full cycle of web portal and mobile app development. The team created technical specifications to describe the development of the work in detail. To create a powerful and convenient system, our team used both popular frameworks and third-party components.

LITSLINK developed the new information management software to manage incoming information on the go about animals, breeding history, medicines, and health through to regular weighings, point of peak profit for each animal, how each animal is growing, which studs will produce the fastest-growing and most profitable offspring, etc. This information can transfer with the animal when it leaves the farm, integrating with regulatory systems.

The platform development also includes a powerful marketing tool. It allows users to create their own marketing pages, list accreditations and start to build relationships with major processors and retailers, as well as offers report generation and management functionality.

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Based on their previous experience in web app development, LITSLINK developed information and marketing management software according to the customer’s requirements.

The implemented system enabled livestock farmers to hit several important goals:

  • Putting all the information into a centralized livestock farm management system
  • Increasing data quality by the approach to data yielding, reposition, and management
  • Speeding up sales management processes through automated marketing
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